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Lee Frankel - 12/29/99 05:14:43
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Comments:   It is Wednesday 12/29/99 (coincidentally my birthday) and it's 12:06 a.m New York time. I'll be arriving in Cairo on Thursday, 12/30 and want to visit the Ben Ezra shul. Can someone tell me if there are Shabbat services on Friday night and Saturday? If so, when do they start? I'd really like to attend. And what is the best and safest way for me to get to shul from the Nile Hilton Hotel? Another question - does the shul have an office and a phone number? I'll be in New York until 12/29 at 6:00 pm NY time (12/30 - 1:00 a.m. Cairo time). If anyone sees this message and can respond before then, I'll be very appreciative and very happy. I will also look forward to meeting you and other members of the Cairo ewish community.

Rosaline Monaghan - 12/27/99 07:36:27
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Last address in Egypt: 14 Abou Sebaa Street
Comments:   My name is Ros Monaghan. I was born in Cairo in 1938 and my last address there was 14 Sh. Abou Sebaa. I attended Alvernia English Convent School in Zamalek and left in 1948. I am the daughter of Maurice Goldring and Eugenia Maravente who were married in Cairo on 23 September 1934 at the Ismailia Temple, Rue Maghraby. My maternal grandmother's maiden name was de Rosales and she came from Istanbul, Turkey and has relatives in Buenos Aires and Madrid. I no longer have current addresses for them. My paternal grandmother's maiden name was Hoffberg. She died and was buried in Bassantine May 1933. She had several brothers who are also buried there. My paternal grandmother came from Romania. Her first husband was a Goldring by whom she had 4 children: Robert, Bernard, Suzanne, Sarina. Her second husband was a Rosenberg whom she married in India where my father was born in June 1911. My brother and I are currently researching the family history on both sides. I'd be grateful to hear from anyone living in Cairo around that time who might have known or be related to my grandparents. Keep up the good work and I would be interested in supporting it in some tangible form.
Cohen-Tannoudji Denis - 12/21/99 13:18:47
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Last address in Egypt: Ancestor in Cairo
Comments:   Bravo pour votre superbe site! J'effectue depuis plus de quatre ans des recherches historiques et généalogiques sur la famille Cohen-Tanoudji; je me suis intéressé en particulier sur mon lointain ancêtre, Yishmaël Cohen-Tanoudji, qui fut Grand Rabbin du Caire au XVIe siècle. Une synago ue porte (ou portait ?) son nom. Ainsi, le livre « Les Juifs d'Egypte » (Editions Le Scribe) mentionne en particulier : « Au numéro 13 de la rue El Sakalibah, il y avait la synagogue de Rab Ishmaël; synagogue des espagnols, les prières s'y déroulaient en partie en judéo-espagnol. En entreprenant des réparations, on y découvrit des manuscrits et des livres en judéo-espagnol qui sont aujourd'hui conservés à la bibliothèque du temple d'Ismailiah. C'était la maison de prières de rabbi Ishmaël Tanuji qui fut g and rabbin d'Egypte au XVIe siècle ». Je n'ai jamais pu faire des recherches en Egypte et c'est donc avec une grande joie que j'ai découvert votre site internet sur la communauté juive du Caire. Je vous écrit donc, avec espoir que vous puissiez me renseigner sur cette synagogue du 13 rue El Sakalibah, la « Gueniza » qui s'y trouvait et son contenu entreposé à la bibliothèque Ismailaih. Avez-vous également un relevé des tombes du cimetière Bassat ne où seraient identifiées des pierres tombales de la famille Cohen-Tanoudji?
Marcel Nessim Behar - 12/21/99 06:39:06
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A touching article. Although 6 years younger than Nahman, I never met him. I left Egypt in 1951, but have never forgotten the land of Egypt where I spent a happy childhood and youth Keep on writing your interesting articles. Marcel Nissim Behar
David Hirsch - 12/10/99 07:31:11
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Comments:   Subject: "Brooks" Massouda's name was Baroukh. He lived in Philadelphia. In addition to Cairo, Jerusalem, and Istanbul, there are also Karaite communities still in Troki, Lithuania and Warsaw, Poland. Hakham Tobiah Levi Babovich came from the Crimea to Egypt. There is also a Karaite Synagogue in Daly City, California, near San Francisco.
Salamaat from Los Angeles!
David Hirsch
Ramy Adeeb - 12/09/99 10:30:18
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Comments:   My name is Ramy Adeeb, I am an Egyptian student currently studying at Harvard who lived his life in Egypt, Canada, and the United States. Your most recent article on the late Mr. Robert Nahman shed lights on another topic that very few of my generation ar aware of: that is the Jewish community in Cairo. In any case, I hope you continue to enrich your readers with these articles. Ramy.
Joe Rossano - 11/05/99 16:51:59
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Last Address in Egypt: 8 kasr el nil str. cairo
Comments:   I just discovered your site,wonderfull. I'am living in Dallas, Texas, where I lost total contact with my family and friends. I was born in cairo in 1936 the son of Felix and Victoria (nee Abadi) and left in 1964. My last visit to Egypt in 1983. My uncle Nessim was in charge of the Bassatine cemetery, he passed on and he is burried there with my father and mother. Would like to hear from family and friends. God bless for the good work.

Sidney Elkes - 11/04/99 02:01:42
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Last Address in Egypt: US Army Air Corps
Comments:   Served in Cairo area 1945, have many fond recollections of Cairo including Shephard's Hotel. Happy to read of Jewish events. Very encouraging vs viewpoint here. Hope for more good tidings.
David Elichaa (Lichaa) - 11/03/99 23:24:11
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Last Address in Egypt: Zeitoun, Egypt
Comments:   I am very happy to discover your site. It is 1999 and the last time I left Egypt is 1952, and had never had the chance to visit Egypt (where all my ancestors are born there since 1800.) I am from a very big family LICHAA and now we are all over the world. About 15 years ago I started building the famiies tree of our community (Lichaa, Massouda, Abdel-Wahed, El-Kodsi, Marzouk, Menasha, to name a few, I gathered over 12,000 names mostly Karaites from Egypt and from all over the world. Geneaology is my hobby. My wife Shoshana (Marguerite) myself David Elie (Eliahou) Elichaa (Lichaa) and my 3 married children live in the USA (California, and Maine). We have many interfaith marriages, and if you want to browze at my work (my page) you can look at and then family trees. I will gladly try to help any one looking for his/her relative if write to me at and sending me your full name first name, father name grand father if known followed by the family name. I want to congratulate such a nice web site and hope to continue an improved relation between all human beeing. G-d bless and thanks. David Elichaa
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Comments:   Thank you for maintaining this site - a door to the remnant of this great Jewish Community

daniel triulzi de la rayna - 10/28/99 01:36:09 My Email:
Last Address in Egypt: #? rue alexandre le grand, alexandrie, egypte
Comments:   do not remember the number of my street address in Alex: it was in '56 that my family and I were evacuated. I am the great-grandson of the hakham Chemtob de la Rayna of Alexandria, Egypt. Is there are web-site similar to yours for Alexandria? Thank yo --Daniel Triulzi
Felix (Fouly) Barda - 10/24/1999 4:42 am
My Email: Barda
Last Address in Egypt:
Comments:   School friends from UJE Alexandria: Looking for anyone who attended classes with me at Lycee de L'Union Juive pour L'Enseignement Alexandria. Last class together was 1956 first month of classe de premiere
Benadretti - 110/17/1999 4:15 am EDT
My Email: wilson
Last Address in Egypt:
Comments:   Anyone know any history or members of the Benadretti family? There are not many left. They were in Cairo, Zimbabwe and possibly Chilli. There are some listed as being kicked out of France during the Hollocast. Any help would be appreciated.
Sarah Bowman - 9/28/1999 3:49 am EDT
My Email: bowman
Last Address in Egypt:
Comments:   Sarah Bowman(nee Shaltiel is looking for family history.
My name is - my maiden name was Shaltiel. I was born at 'The French Hospital' in Cairo on 13 February 1947.
My parents are Fanny Pnina nee Franco and Jacques Shaltiel. This is sometimes spelt 'Saltiel'. My great grandmother was Liza Franco(nee Cossuto) who died in Cairo and as far as we know is buried there
We left Egypt in 1949 and my parents are still alive and live in Israel whereas I live in Sydney, Australia with my family.
We would love to hear from anyone who may have known my family or be related or were friends with them. We are also looking for any information we can get on our family history eg. where my great grandmother is buried,anyone who might have attended my parents wedding at Adly Street/Ismailia synagogue on the 17 February 1946 or anyone who might know of my father's family who came from Salonica. Any information or memories would be welcomed and appreciated.
Peter Rothholz - 9/23/1999 6:37 pm EDT
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Last Address in Egypt:
Comments:   Passover 1999: My wife Barbara and I spent some two months in Cairo, Feb-April 1999 where I was a member of IESC. During that time, we had the great privilege to attend the Seder at the residence of the Israel ambassador, courtesy of Mrs Carmen Weinstein. What a fabulous experience it was! We also visited the Adly Street synagogue and participated in the community Passover luncheon. Again, many thanks. I am about to write an article about our experiences for an American Jewish magazine and would be happy to include quotes, thoughts, reminiscences, etc. from others who shared the Seder and luncheon with us. You may write to me in either English or French if that makes it easier. Our contact with the Cairo Jewish community was a most memorable highlight of our stay in Egypt and we wish all our Cairene friends a happy, healthy and peaceful 5760.
Miriam Camitta - 8/30/1999 8:40 am EDT
My Email: camitta
Last Address in Egypt:
Comments:   Hello: I have been browsing through this fabulous site, and have found it both informative and enjoyable. I do not think my family is from Egypt, however, there is a mystery surrounding the surname BASSEIN or BASHEIN, and some thoughts that it originates in Israel. If any of you have come across this name, I would so appreciate hearing from you. Best wishes, Miriam Camitta
Dr. Barry Dolman - 8/28/1999 3:10 pm EDT
My Email: dolman
Last Address in Egypt:
Comments:  SCHOUELA: I had the pleasure of visiting Eqypt with my wife (nee Colette Schouela) in the summer of 1997. She lived at 2 El Kadi Fadel, Kasr El Nil, Cairo. We spent two weeks visiting both personal sites, judaica, and archeological areas from Cairo to Abu Simbal. She always wanted to get an actual birth record from Egypt, but we had insufficient time. She was born at the French Hospital on April 24, 1950 to Gamil Schouela and Rachel Sasson. The extended families live currently in Montreal, Canada. Any information or comments can be posted or e-mailed to jads at

Nancy Hakim (nee Cohen) - 8/22/1999 3:08 am EDT
b>My Email:hakim
Last Address in Egypt:
Comments:   Looking for friends: I was born in Alexandria, went to St.Clares College, Heliopolis and after 1945 went to the Sacred Heart College in Alexandria. I am living now in Sydney Australia. I would like to contact Alice Karaguazian who was a very good friend of mine. My last address in Alexandria was rue Fouad, Alexandria. Sincere congratulations for publishing such a wonderful web site. Thanks.

Michelle Dana - 8/21/1999 9:13 am EDT
My Email: dana
Last Address in Egypt:
Comments:   Do you know anything about my family?? Hi its is excellent to see that there is a egyptian jewish community website. It may make my search a little easier. Does anybody have any information on my fathers family. Anything would be great, no matter how small. My grandfather was David Dana, he lived in the Jewish area of Cairo. He married my grandmother Adel Paposhado (one of 13 children) who was apparently from one of the wealthier areas of the time, in 1935. They moved to Israel in 1936, and that is where my father, Yehouda Dana was born. They moved back a forth frequently, and finally left for good in around 1949. That is all the information that I have, so if you can help I would be very grateful.

Jacqueline Saporta-Larsson - 8/17/1999 6:16 pm
My Email: saporta
Last Address in Egypt:
Comments:   Ancestors: I would like to trace my ancestors but I'm knew at this. Does anyone know anything about the Saporta family? We left in 1958 for Brazil. We used to live in Adly Pacha st opposite Groppy's. My father had a shop called Primrose in Malika Farida St. Thanks
Ida Menash (née Marder) - 8/16/1999 6:38 am EDT
My Email: marder
Last Address in Egypt:
Comments:   Looking for school friends: My URL is:  I left Egypt in 1949 for Australia. I was living in Cairo and went to the Cours Maintenon from 1940 to 1948. I would be happy to hear from old school friends. I am Ida Menash (married to André Menasce, now Menash) I live in Sydney, Australia. My sisters are Lydia and Paulette and they live in Melbourne, Australia. Please contact me.
Claudie nee Alphandary - 8/9/1999 3:16 am EDT,
My Email: Alphandary
Last Address in Egypt:
Comments:   the bassantine news golden guestbook: I left Egypt in 1957 and Australia has been home eversince. Congratulations on creating this website.It is marvellous to read about so many expatriots. I attended the Lycee Francais and the The Lycee the l'Union Juif. Would like to hear from past friends.
Maurice Jacques Levy - 8/7/1999 8:33 am EDT
My Email: levy
Last Address in Egypt:
Comments:   RE-CONNECTING WITH EGYPT: I wish to be registered with the Bassatine News so as to be able to intercomunicate with others from Egypt I was born in Cairo in 1932 (daher) Went to school at the English Mission College in Kubbeh Near Heli- opolis roxy cinema. Left school in 1948 and left Egypt in October 1957. My last work office was The Joseph Lindell Co. and migrated to Melbourne Australia in 1958. Iwould like to get in contact with some of my class mates (Also non Jews) such as Hassan Khadr, Samir Debbas, Helmi Hamdolla, Adib Andraous,as well as other students. I used to be knowned in college as Levy IX due to too numerous Levys in school in that era. I am really look forward to receiving your E-Mails from however and wherever. G-d bless you all
Stephen Lubell - 7/31/1999 5:11 am EDT
My Email: Lubell
Last Address in Egypt:
Comments:   Searching Cairo Ancestors: My Great Great Grandfather was a Jeweler in Cairo at the turn of the century. His name was Goldenstein or Goldstein and he was originally from Kovno, Lithuania. I have a picture of him taken by J. Galitzen/le Caire wearing a Fez. I also know that my Grandmother visited him about 1905.
Does anyone have any memories or information about him or his family?
With thanks in advance.
Isaac ( Zizi) Beraha - 7/18/1999 4:54 pm EDT
My Email: beraha
Last Address in Egypt:
Comments:   Foshha Hayla Chers Amis, En 1956 nous nous sommes vus deracines de notre pays natal et epsrpilles dans les quattre coins du monde en ce temps des jeunes gringalets inconscients de notre destin.Cet exodus a sepsre de nombreux camarade de classe,cousins,freres et amis. Le but de cette Foshha Haylaest de nous reunir pendant 7 jours surle s/s Mercury ou nous pourrons nous revoir apres 55 ans de separation:muris,grises ents,grandp arents. Aujourd'hui citoyen du pays qui nous a accueilli et duquel a deteint les coutumes et habitudes mais quand meme sans effacer nos racines Egyptiennes. dates :5/12 Mars 2000 depart : Miami Informations a travers le e-mail
R.Harrouche - 06/27/99 02:18:37
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Last Address In Egypt: Daramalli Cairo & Maadi
Presently Resident of:: Atlanta, Georgia, US
Comments:   Hello
Albert ZEITOUNI - 06/23/99 10:56:27
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Last Address In Egypt: 10 rue Zananiri, Sporting,Alexandrie
Presently Resident of:: Paris
Comments:   FELICITATIONS !!! Site magnifique que jamais je n'aurais pu imaginer pouvoir exister. Bravo. Excellentes informations qui éveillent la mémoire. CONTINUEZ.
Alan Adler - 06/19/99 00:59:24
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Last Address In Egypt: 11 road 11 Maadi
Presently Resident of:: Jacksonville NC
Comments:   I lived in Egypt from 1995-1998, while stationed at the U.S embassy. I used to go to Jewish services at the Maadi synagogue, the Ben Ezra Synagogue, and the shaar Hachamayim synagogue during that time. It was a great experience to observe the holidays w th the Egyptian Jewish community, along with the Israeli diplomatic community and the Jewish expats of Cairo. I will always treasure the good memories that I have from Egypt. Best wishes to all. Alan Adler
Jacques Mayer - 06/12/99 19:36:48
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Last Address In Egypt: 32 sabri abou alam pacha, Cairo
Presently Resident of:: Québec, canada

Jon Wiseman - 06/10/99 13:52:17
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Last Address In Egypt: Sultan Hotel
Presently Resident of:: London
Comments:   I have rarely been as moved in a synagogue as I was when I saw the newer shul in Cairo (by the tourism ministry): such optimism so quickly reduced to a sad example of diaspora Jewry. Nevertheless, one of the most beautiful synagogues I have seen.
youssef felix dana - 06/10/99 09:20:22
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: 35 kasr el aali, garden city
Presently Resident of:: london
Comments:   best of luck to the community and bassatine news and many thanks to samir raafat - i shall be in touch
soued, alfonso - 06/08/99 03:40:51
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: Heliopolis
Presently Resident of:: Caracas,Venezuela
Comments:   I would like the originof my family last name and history in Egipt.
Tasha Gordon - 06/07/99 15:14:00
My Email: ben@eunet.yu
Last Address In Egypt: somewhere in New Maadi
Presently Resident of: Israel and Yugoslavia
Comments:   I was surprised to find out there were Jews still living in Egypt. Ignorant me! I would like to hear about how life in Egypt is for Jews. I have been to Egypt thrice and loved the country as well as people. Best regards, Tasha
Terrence Rosenberg - 06/05/99 19:49:14
My Email: TRosen1835@aol
Presently Resident of:: Miami Beach, Florida
Comments:   Alf Mabrouk. Great website. Please put me on your list for everything, news, letters, etc. responded to one of the letters here re: Matalon and Bigio names. Syrian-Jewish Matalon family is famous in Jamaica- two mayors from this family of Kingston Jamaica. Bigios are also Syrian, in US Venezuela, and many of Bigio "ancestry" in Haiti. Inshala, I will contact you next time I visit Egypt. I have been to Cairo, Harad-al-Yahud, Alexandria, Heliopolis, etc. Familiar with the Rabam Synagogue, synagogue in downtown, Alexandria Synagogue. Great web-site. I just read through all of the letters. I responded to one regarding names Matalon, and Bigio, which I know about. Please pu t me on any website list for updates, correspondence, anything! Alf Mabrouk. Terry
Lena Ashkenazi born Sonsino - 06/03/99 16:17:48
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Last Address In Egypt: Maadi
Presently Resident of:: Jerusalem, Israel
Comments:   Every time I enter this site, I am unbelievely moved and so is my husband who was born in Israel. I already left my comments months ago. But I haven't got any feedbacks and I would like to trace some people I knew from school, the names of some girls who tudied with me at Lycee Francais du Caire: Rosie Mizrahi, Francoise Katz, Emmy Gabay, Etty Aboulafia, Denise Douek, ? Ades, ? Carmona. In 1955/56 I was in "quatrieme". My history teacher was Mr. Provencal. These are about the names I recall and I would be very happy if anyone there could contact me.
Leon & Frida Douek - 06/01/99 00:54:37
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: 96 Rue El-Malek
Presently Resident of: Montreal, Canada
Comments:   Would love to find out more about the Douek family in Egypt and any relatives we may have around the world! We are also curious about the Jewish Community in Cairo & Alexandria today. Nice website!
Alan Adler - 06/01/99 00:43:45
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: 11 road 11 Maadi
Presently Resident of:: Jacksonville NC USA
Comments:   Mrs. Weinstein--This is a great sight. I was fortunate to meet you and participate in the Jewish Holidays while I was stationed at the American Embassy from April 95 - June 98. I met some great people, learned a lot about the Egyptian - Jewish community and observed the holidays in Shaar Hachamayim, Ben Ezra, and Meyer Biton Synagogues. I am now stationed at Camp Lejeune NC. What I experienced with your community I will always remember fondly. Shalom--Alan Adler
Simon Hassine - 05/31/99 15:57:27
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: Shareh Farouk
Presently Resident of: Miami, Florida
Comments:   Left Cairo early 1950. Was President of AZA - Junior Bene Berith. Attended American University of Cairo. Lived in France, Italy and finally the USA. Now in my early 70's. Anyone out there to renew memories with ?
Elliot V. Galanti - 05/31/99 06:03:26
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: Sharah El Guenena Ezbekieh 6
Presently Resident of: Perth West Australia
Comments:   My compliments to a well edited and most informative series of articles, whether historical or current it has filled a gap. Thank you.
Jean Cavaliero - 05/30/99 18:44:17
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: Alexandria
Presently Resident of: New York
Comments:   Wonderful! Thanks
Sam (Adolf) Raff - 05/27/99 21:31:26
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: Cairo,in 1946
Presently Resident of: Great Neck, N.Y.
Comments:   My grandparents lived in Cairo and owned the Tiring department store (begining WW1) near Ataba Square. My grandfather had the title Raff Bey and he lost his business at the begining of WW1 because he was an Austrian citizen. My parents name was Max Hersh Raff and Anna Raff. My grandmother's maiden name was Stein whose family owned the Stein dept. store across the street from Tiring. I went to the Jabes school and Lycee Juive. I have two brothers Jacob in N.Y. and Mendel in Israel. I was born in France 1926 and had Ba r-Mitzvah in the Aschkenaze Temple, Cairo. I remember the families: Nadler, Mayer, Banker, Paritzky, maybe the'll see this comment. Congratulation to Mrs.Weinstein for her great accomplishments.
Hisham - 05/20/99 17:16:44
Last Address In Egypt: Midan El Ismalia, Heliopolis, Cairo
Presently Resident of: Massachusettes, USA
Comments:   Congratulations on having this web site and trying to preserve some history of Egypt for all to see. I myself am a Moslem and I immigrated to the US with my parents 20 years ago. My grandmother was born a Jew but converted to Islam when she married my grandfather in the early 1940's. Her maiden name is "Diamant". Her father "Adolf" immigrated to Egypt in the 20's or 30's from Albania or Turkey. His paretns were from Germany and after WW1 they left Germany and moved to the Middle East (Turkey or Albania). "Adolf" became an Egyptian citizen when the government opened the "doors" to do that.
My gra dmother's mother's name was "Luna Shalem" and I believe she was born in Egypt. "Luna and Adolf" had three children, all born and married in Egypt, "Frida", "Samia" and "Ephraim". "Adolf" passed away in Egypt at a young age, and "Luna" was left alone to raise the three children. "Frida" and "Samia" grew up and married Moslems and converted to Islam. However, "Ephraim" married a Jewish woman, "Rachel", and had a son, "Richard", and they all settled in Egypt for some time.
Then the wars started (48, 56, 67); In the 50's and 60's "Ephraim", his wife and son immigrated to the US. In the 60's "Luna" and "Samia" joined them. In 70's, my grandmother and grandfather immigrated to the US as well. My grandmother's side is now sp ead all over the world in Australia, New Jersey, New York, Massachusettes and probably Palastine/Israel.
I did not find out all this history until I was a teenager and living here in the US, and I found it very interesting how one family had Moslems and Jews living together for all these years in peace. I, myself, am now married to an Italian Catholic and w e have been blessed with a son.
I hope that the turbulant history that a lot of the Egyptian Jews had lived has not left a permanent wound in their hearts towards Egypt. An Egyptian is an Egyptian whether he/she is Moslem, Jew or Christian. I hope that the new election in the State of srael brings us all closer to peace one day and the Palastenian People find a peaceful homeland to live in.
Best Regards to all and "Al Salam Alekom".
Elie Kodsi - 05/20/99 00:27:37
Last Address In Egypt: Immobilia building, Sherif Pasha Street
Presently Resident of: USA
Comments:   I love the idea of Cairo Jewish community being on the internet. I hope to come to visit everyone in the city. Good luck and G-d bless you. Carmen, thank you for sending me my birth certificate and I wish you all the best.
Thank you,
Elie Kodsi
P.S. I wish I had the chance to come back and visit you personally.
Hisham Gaballa - 05/18/99 19:54:12
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: 8a Street 252, Digla, Maadi, Cairo
Presently Resident of: United Kingdom
Comments:   I found your site fascinating. Before emigrating to England I had lived all my life in Maadi, which has memorials to Cairo's Jewish community, the Mizrahi house (currently the Mexican Ambassadors Residence), the Meyr Biton Synagogue. As a result, although I am a Muslim, I have been fascinated by Egypt's Jewish community and consider its decline a national tragedy, considering the immense contributions it made to Egypt in the fields of culture and economics. I hope one day when memories of Nasser, 1948, 19 52 and 1967 are gone, it will once again flourish and contribute to Egypt's national life.
Dahlia Fahmy Abdel Nasser - 05/16/99 00:29:05
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: 1 Manchiet el Tayran St., Heliopolis, Cairo
Presently Resident of: same address
Comments:   Very, very interesting, but I just browsed. Would love to read all and see all pictures. As it's very late now, I'll surely be coming back to read everything and get aquainted with things one never heard of in one's own country. This really must have take a lot of work and energy.
Fauvette - 05/14/99 23:12:37
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: Zamalek/cairo
Presently Resident of:: Jupiter/Florida/USA
Comments:   I was very impressed with the website and the comments from so many people who are looking for family. I was born in Cairo and left with my parents and brother in 1956 as so many of us had to. Went to school Lycee Francee, Bab El Louk and so did my brother . My maiden name is Appel. Am looking for cousins that may still be in Egypt and /or all over the world. Please contact me with any information. Thanks
Albert Berty Souss - 05/05/99 22:41:42
Last Address In Egypt: Immobilia Building
Presently Resident of:: Sao Paulo, Brasil
Ailsa Crawford - 05/02/99 19:41:18
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: Sharia 15 76
Presently Resident of: Ridgefield, Washington
Comments:   I lived in Maadi from Feb 1953 to May 1995. Swam at the sporting club and went to school at the Maadi American School (CAC) and loved it all.
Sam Carmona - 04/30/99 09:52:34
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: Cairo
Presently Resident of: Sydney Sydney Australia
Comments:   I lived in Cairo during the years 1929 to 1949 and then migrated to Israel where I remained until 1964.
Rebecca Betito - 04/30/99 01:51:40
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: Heliopolis
Presently Resident of:: Oakville, Ontario Canada
Comments:   Rebecca is my mother-in-law, b.1921 in Cairo, maiden name Levy (Moshe, b.Izmir, Turkey). Her mother was Esther Abramovitch who later married Elie Mizrahi. Her husband was Sion Betito, son of Elie. I am working on the family genealogy.The Abramovitch family came from Odessa via Turkey to Cairo. Her grandfather was reputed to have been a superb artist. Would love to connect with anyone who knew the family.
ADOUTTE ANDRE - 04/27/99 09:32:57
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: Park House, Zamalek,Cairo
Presently Resident of:: France
Comments:   Congratulations on a wonderful site (indicated to me by Pierre Ezri from Lausanne). I am born in Cairo in 1947, lived there until 64 (Lycée Français du Caire later called "El Horreya"), since then in France. Presently professor of Biology at the University of Paris 11 and head of the Centre de Génétique Moléculaire du CNRS at Gif sur Yvette, close to Paris. Father and grand-father burried at "El Bassatine". Mother, "Becky" Babani-De Toledo (89) living in Paris, in great shape! Two sons, one just arrived in Sao Paulo for 2-3 years.
Rolando Schinasi - 04/22/99 16:20:43
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: 3 Mansheyet el Kataba
Presently Resident of: Nice, France
Comments:   Excellent work Done. Congratulations to all.
Michal Shachar - 04/19/99 13:43:17
My Email:
Presently Resident of: Israel
Comments:   My name is Michal Shachar. My late father's name was Yosef (Joseph) Megory-Cohen. Some may spell our name Meghory, or Merory. He was born in 1911, and was the son of Simha and Pinhas Megory-Cohen. My grandmother Simha was daughter of Moshe Sharafi, who was the Head of the Jewish Community in Cairo, at the end of the 19th century. My father had a twin brother named Moshe, who was named after his grandfather, Moshe Sharafi. He also had other brothers: Aharon and David, and sisters: Simha and Mazal (Fortuna).
Clemente Hazzan - 04/17/99 20:55:55
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: alessandria
Presently Resident of:: milano italy
Comments:   hallo to everybody! Finally I found the right web site. Am writing a book among all the jewish people who left Egypt during 1957-1962. I personally left Egypt in 1962, my parents where from Alessandria since many generations. Unfortunately they both died when I was young and I dont have any trace from my roth, I was only two years old when I left. I'm writing this book just to find all the loosen stories of our life in Egypt. I think we can loose our identity, this is way I would be gratefull to you all if you would like to send me an e-mail of your personal story and maybe some of you met my father Edwin Hazzan or my mother Reneè de Botton. Thanks a lot.
Clemente Hazzan
Larry Barouch - 04/14/99 14:53:47
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: 47 rue des Pharaons, Alexandrie
Presently Resident of:: Paris
Comments:   It's great to see a site from the old country! Is there a similar site for Alexandria? Please write to me.
Maurice Douek - 04/11/99 23:39:05
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: 2 rue Kadi el Fadel, Cairo
Presently Resident of: Montreal, Canada
Comments:   I left Egypt with my family on October 2, 1964. I have been living in Montreal with my wife and two children since 1965, after brief stops in France and England. I would very much like to know if there are any records on Rabbi Abraham Douek, Chief Rabbi of Aleppo who died around 1900. One of his sons is Moise Douek, my grandfather, who came to Egypt in 1900 and started a successful business (bonneterie). The business expanded over the years with Moise's sons joining as partners (including my own father Bension Douek). Moise Douek left Egypt with us in 1964 and died in 1982. We have no records of his father's ancestors (Where they came from...) If anyone can provide me with this information, I would be most grateful.--Maurice Douek
Alain Bigio - 04/07/99 00:45:09
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: Rue Soliman Pacha
Presently Resident of: Sao Paulo , Brasil
Comments:   I left Egypt in 1953, I was 8 years old. My memories of Egypt are blurry. I am doing research in genealogy and would appreciate any one with knowledge of BIGIO families and their ancestors. I have in my possession a book called "Annuaire des Juifs D'Egypt - 1942 " and I will be happy to share any information anyone may need.
Albert Bajaio - 04/06/99 22:58:29
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: 45 bis Rue Kasr-El-Nil
Presently Resident of: Larchmont, New York
Comments:   I read with great pleasure and melancholy the many Newsletters posted on this website and it brought me back to my roots. Five years ago, I returned back to visit Cairo after a 36 years absence. This time I was not chased out of Egypt, I was officially invited by the Egyptian Government with my colleagues from the Egyptian-American Businessmen's Association to promote American Business in Egypt where we met with Mr. Mubarak and his ministers. (What an irony!!!). Anyway, My first wish was to visit the Ismailia Temple in Cairo where I was Bar-Mitzva'd. When I went up the ekhal openned the Arc and saw the Sepher Tora that I held during my Bar Mitzva, I broke down and cried. I thought I would share this very precious moment with you. Thanks for all the memories.

Pierre Ezri - 04/06/99 21:35:58
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: 84, rue El-Horreya, Alexandria
Presently Resident of: Lausanne, Switzerland
Comments:   I am signing the guest book before entering the Bassatine site. I was born in Alex in 1944; Lycée Français until 1956. I would like to find information about the jewish Community in Alexandria, and my own family (Ezri, Jabès, Toriel). Is there a similar site about the Alex jews? Hag Pessah samea'h.
Gilles Sion - 04/06/99 13:14:16
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: Gezira ???
Presently Resident of: New York
Comments:   A friend, Alain (Helal) Farhi, sent me your website address and I'm delighted to have discovered it. I was born in Cairo in September 1956 and left with my parents 6 months later, following the Suez Crisis. My father's family had lived in Egypt for over 100 years. My parents, Elie L. Sion and Jeanette (Kamri) Sion, now share their time between New York (where I live with my wife and children) and Geneva, Switzerland (where I grew up). I look forward to keeping in touch. Well done!

Alain Farhi - 04/06/99 07:25:12
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: 21 Rue Sheik Barakat, Garden City, Cairo
Presently Resident of: Geneva, Switzerland
Comments:   I lived in Cairo from 1944 to 1961 and attended the Lycee Francais du Caire (Bab el Look). From 1961 to 1968, I lived in Paris. from where we emigrated to New York with all my extended family. Since 1988 and for professional reasons, we have lived in Singapore, Brussels and now Geneva.
I will be delighted to receive e-mails from old classmates or acquantainces who now must be spread all over the world.
Olga Tkachuk - 04/05/99 01:50:04
My Email: cassidy99
Last Address In Egypt: Maadi, Cairo
Presently Resident of: Edmonton, Canada

Stephen Papastephanou - 04/01/99 15:32:47
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: 39 Mazhar St., Zamalek Cairo
Presently Resident of:: Baltimore,MD USA
Comments:   News for the present and past Jewish Community of Cairo. A great pianist resurrected, and alive in a 2 CD set By Arbiter (arbiter 116) Ignace Tiegerman (1893-1968) was one of the greatest pianists and teachers of this century. His health had confined him to a dry climate, and he had settled in Egypt which he loved. He lived in Helwan, and Maadi and opened the "Conservatoire de Musique T egerman" in 5 Rue Champolion, Cairo. These recordings show Tiegerman's great range of interpretation, from the sublime (Brahms Capriccio op. 76 no. 2) to fierce virtuosity displayed in his performance of the Brahms Concerto No. 2 (First two movmts, live with the Cairo Symphony Orchestra). His performances of the Saint-Saëns piano Conc.# 5 (Egyptian) as well as the Franck Symphonic Variations for piano & orchestra (both included in this album) are unique (also live). The Chopin pieces included in this album, should set an example to any pianist on how Chopin should sound. Tiegerman's touch was of the utmost elegance and refinement. This recording is a testament to the Lechetizky/Friedman (Tiegerman's teachers) style of pianism, which seems to have become a lost art, in this day of mechanical perfection. The booklet accompanying the CD (28 pages) beautifully written by the noted musicologist and scholar Allan Evans, a documentary on the life and times of Tiegerman is as interesting and exciting to read, as are the contents of the two CDs to hear. Although the sound quality o some of these recordings is limited, the uniqueness and beauty of Tiegerman's playing comes clearly through. A must for every pianophile.
André Teixeira - 03/24/99 19:30:21
My Email:
Presently Resident of: Belgium
Comments:   Dear Mrs. Weinstein--what a wonderful site, what a pleasure to read about the Jewish community of Egypt! My wife's parents left Egypt in 1957 and emigrated to Sao Paulo, Brazil. This year we are taking my wife's mother, Esther (Etty) Chilton, daughter of Jacques and Grazia Chalton, to visit Cairo for the first time in 42 years. Reading your site, the Bassantine News, and all the links associated with your admirable work, gave us a taste and a feling of the joyous moments to come. Vous êtes en possession d'une contagieuse energie et je vous souhaite tout le bonheur! On espére de vous faire conaissance au Caire bien tôt. Mabrouk! Shalom!
Sharon Dalfini - 03/24/99 12:42:50
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: Ismalia
Presently Resident of: Milan, Italy
Comments:   Good afternoon to all the members of the jewish community in Cairo. I'm an italian girl, who worked for some years in Egypt; I'm coming to Cairo for a short holiday next week, so I'd would like to know more about your community, because i might come and see you, if it's possible. Thanks a lot--Sharon
Myrna Abdel-gawad - 03/21/99 02:27:29
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: Maadi
Presently Resident of: Thousand Oaks, California.
Comments:   I discovered this website by chance. I lived in Egypt, Maadi from 1960 till 1966. My husband worked for the Egyptian Atomic Energy Commision and I worked at Cairo American College.
> Nicolette Mawas - 03/12/99 13:41:36
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: Alexandria
Presently Resident of: Uk
Diva - 03/07/99 02:21:16
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: n/a
Presently Resident of: Seattle, Washington, USA
Comments:   This has been a gracious and rewarding experience. Your site loads very quickly and is easy to navigate. I'll be returning here often and I am sending this link to several of my friends and associates-Best Regards.....Diva
Human beings, joined in collaboration with the gifts of grace, are responsible for the planet and its future." --Unitarian Creed--
Henrique Chvaicer - 03/06/99 01:11:06
My Email:
Comments:   I'm from Brazil and Í'very pleasure to find this home-page>
Albert "Berty" Souss - 02/24/99 02:51:50
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: Immobilia Building
Presently Resident of: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Comments:   This land is still my land. I left egypt in 1959 to come to Brazil. They said it was the land of future. I really cannot complain. I would like to correspond with ex-Egyptians. I am 55 years old and studied at the Lycee Francais du caire and at the St. George College at Heliopolis.
Antoinette (Toni) Rechter Gordy - 02/14/99 16:20:15
My Email:
Presently Resident of: Pleasant Hill, California
Comments:   I was introduced to your web site by Mrs. Laurence Abensur-Hazan, who gave me some information about RENE ARAB, who I am trying to locate. I am very impressed with this website and have put it in my Favorite Places, planning to visit often.

Rafik Fayez Iskander - 02/06/99 04:45:24
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: Mustafa Basha, Alex
Presently Resident of:: Ohio, USA
Comments:   Madame Weinstein--By chance I discovered your wonderful website. Unlike most of those in your guest book, Iam not a Jew but a Copt, and yet the story you tell of the Jewish community's experience in Egypt--past and present--elicits the nostalgia of a time when we were as one people. Imagine, in the shadow of this ancient land's Pharaonic monuments, Jews, Muslims, and Christians toiling in the same earth and blooming under the same sun. What a paradise it could have been...what a paradise it can still become. May God give us the wisdom to make it so.--Salam, Shalom.
Shahar Margalit - 02/05/99 19:23:19
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: non
Presently Resident of: israel
Jocelyne Cohen, married Gilles Mosseri - 02/05/99 13:11:53
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: 26 rue Chérif -Immobilia - Cairo
Presently Resident of:: Rome, Italy
Comments:   Born 29/9/1945. Lycée français du Caire up to first quarter 1961. Left Egypt August 1962. Would be happy to hear from people I might have known. Some names in your list sound familiar to me , but of course everybody knew at least everybody else's name...sort of "daughter of cousin's nephew of Mr XYZ wife's sister". If anybody recalls, please get in touch, I'l be delighted! Thank you for this site anyway.
Freddy Mustachi - 02/04/99 00:02:40
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: Rue Sherif Pacha, Cairo
Presently Resident of: Jerusalem, Israel
Comments:   Very touched to have found a website dedicated to Jews from Egypt. I shall always remember with nostalgia the lovely years of my youth which I spent in my beloved Cairo. And I shall always feel great affection towards the Egyptian people for their gentle nature, their optimism and politeness--Freddy
Olga & Jack Golan (Jacques Godenstein) - 01/26/99 06:35:26
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: 3 Daramali Street Bab-El-Louk, Cairo
Presently Resident of:: 23 Cocupara Ave , Lindfield 2070 Sydney Australia
Comments:   Looking forward to receiving some information
Lena Sonsino - ashkenazi - 01/21/99 14:20:35
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: rue Fouad, Cairo
Presently Resident of: Jerusalem, Israel
Comments:   Born 1943, went to Lycee Francais du Caire, left in 1957 just after the Sinai campaign. If anyone there remembers me, who studied with me or from (maybe) the sporting club in Meadi, please do contact me. I would love to renew contacts. Wonderful site. Very moving. Thank you.
Alon Hirsch - 01/19/99 16:22:30
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: Marriott in Zamalek
Presently Resident of: South Africa
Comments:   I had a fantastic time in Cairo in December 1998 and was thrilled to have visited the Ben Ezra synagogue as well as the Bassatine synagogue. Thank you for making my visit to Cairo (and the synagogues) so memorable--Alon
Joyce Zonana - 01/15/99 16:05:45
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: 19 Rue Ibrahim, Heliopolis
Presently Resident of: New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.
Comments:   What a pleasure to visit this site, after my too brief first visit to Cairo last week. I was born in 1949; my parents, Nelly (Chalom) Zonana and Felix Zonana left Cairo in 1951, so I really have no memories of "la belle epoque," but great interest in understanding and knowing more of the Egyptian Jewish Community. I should say that on this visit to Cairo, I introduced myself to all the Egyptians I met (Muslim, Copt, Jewish) as a "returning" Jew born in Cairo, and they all said, "Welcome to Egypt. Welcome to your homeland!" It was a wonderful experience. And I truly felt as if I were, for the first time in my conscious life, home. Thank you to the JCC for providing this forum.
David Harari - 01/11/99 18:21:52
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: 32 rue Gameh Charkass - Cairo
Presently Resident of: Paris (France)
Comments:   I was given this web site by a childhood friend who lives in Melbourne, Australia. I was born in 1939, attended the Lycee Francais du Caire until 1956, and moved in 1957. In the course of my career, I have lived in the UK, Belgium and the US where I have made contact with other Egyptian Jews as well. At the present, my sons maintain a discussion site for all the "Harari"- named persons, and it is a lively one...gathering other Hararis who are not related to us, but interested in finding the roots of their families, originating in Syria for most of them but who moved to different countries since the 19th century. I think this site is very interesting and I'll pass the message on to other friends as well. Thank you for your work.
Robert Harari - 01/10/99 22:12:53
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: 5, Rue Naus Bey - cairo
Presently Resident of:: United Kingdom
Comments:   signing guest book before seeing whole site - My Cousin David (also from Cairo - now Paris) advised me of the site. Will comment later after going "down Memory lane"
Stephen Papastephanou - 01/08/99 15:47:07
My Email:
Last Address In Egypt: Zamalek, Cairo
Presently Resident of: Baltimore, USA
Comments:   A message to all former piano students of the Conservatoire Tiegerman, 5 Rue Champolion, Cairo. A two CD set of miscellaneous recordings, with some of the most stunning piano playing, by the great pianist, and our beloved teacher Ignace Tiegerman, is about to be released on the Arbiter CD Label with worldwide distribution. It is thrilling to hear again the great master playing and humming in performances that could only be rivaled by the great Horowitz. If you were fortunate enough to hear him play, or were one of his students, or know of any of his students or admirers, please contact me.


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