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From: Leon Wahba
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2000 11:07:27 EST
Subject: Memorable family trip

Dear Ms Carmen Weinstein,
We have just returned safely home after a most memorable two weeks visit of Egypt. We sincerely enjoyed meeting you and highly appreciated your taking the time out of your busy schedule to provide the seven of us a very pleasant and informative tour of the Ismaeleya Temple.
In the course of our stay in Cairo we also went past the Abraham B'tesh Temple in Heliopolis. We did visit the beautiful Ben Ezra synaguogue which we think is a gem.
Your sincere commitment to the welfare of the tiny community of Jewish men and women who remain in Egypt was very evident and greatly appreciated. You may count on my, and my family's, continued support. For the sake of good order, we shall direct our support through the Seattle Federation. In the near future I will prepare a small article detailing what this Egyptian born American saw and heard. I will include a copy of our group picture taken at the Temple.
I sincerely hope that, in the near future, others will also want to come back and revisit Egypt as well. I hope that this message will find you and Mrs. Esther Weinstein in good health. We thank you again and take this opportunity to wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season.With best personal regards,
Leon & Helen Wahba

Sami - 12/18/00 23:22:26
Last address in Egypt: Immobilia Building, Cherif Pasha
comments:   Nice to see the Egyptian Jewish web site. All the best.
From : micks - 12/17/00 10:54:40
comments:   ezzayak ya dovdov!! herzlichen glueckwunsch nachtraeglich!! schade dass du ueber weihnachten nicht in cairo bist... kommen immerhin ne ganze menge leute zu besuch..! tja ninsch, wo bleibt dein eintrag?? typisch nina... grosse klappe,... ;) juutiez leutz die meisten von euch werde ich doch hoffentlich demnaechst mal sehn... @el shabab el masrieen... ento fehn??? meldet euch mal, folz?? micks
From :Maryse Zeitouni (nee Mizrahi) - 12/10/00 20:05:27
Last address in Egypt: Rue Kasr-el-Nil, Cairo
comments:   I wish I had found out about this site earlier. It's terrific! I was able to link up with a former school friend from whom I had not heard in 52 years! What a small world this really is. Let's all try to make it a peaceful one. Amen.
Nessim E. Scialom - 12/02/00 16:10:30
Last address in Egypt: Rue Antikhana,9 Cairo
comments:   Excellent work, please all of you who want to know more of everyday life in Jewish Cairo until 1956, I tell them Ahlan Wasahlan, e-mail me. My present location is in Lima Peru, S.America. All of us guys who were born in Egypt let us keep linked, its wond rful.
From :Maryse Zeitouni - 11/23/00 01:20:49
Last address in Egypt: Rue Kasr-el-Nil, Cairo
comments:   I'm a product of Alvernia English School, Zamalek (graduated in 1949) and the Lycee Francais du Caire, Bab-el-Louk (graduated in 1952). I would just love to link up with anyone out there who has attended these schools during those years. My maiden name is Maryse Mizrahi.
From :Richard Anthony - 11/17/00 07:13:57
Last address in Egypt: Heliopolis
comments:   Excellent!
From :hubert weiner - 11/02/00 11:26:02
Last address in Egypt: pyramid hotel in giza
comments:   i visited egypt in the 1980S,and saw the ben ezra synagogue,and found it fascinating. i've enjoyed reading yourweb site, and i will visit the site from now on occasionally,
From :mary ellen kelly - 10/28/00 00:47:34
Last address in Egypt: 44 main st. kinde,michigan 48445
comments:   Shalom! What a wonderful site you have. I've enjoyed reading the letters from Muslims, Christians and Jews-there's hope!! I've never met anyone from Egypt, but I must admit, it sounds like a wonderful country; besides I always admred Anwar Sadat! I am of an Irish Catholic Father and my Mother who died when I was a baby was Irish and Jewish. My family came from Pinsk, and Pohost in what is now Belarus. I'm trying to find relatives who may have more family info then me. Nochim Yoselofsky married to Rash (surname not known) both of Pinsk, but later lived in Pohost. Nochim died in 1938 in Pohost. They were my Great Grandparents. The Naiditch side was Casille Naiditch and his wife Raisa (surname not known) both from Pinsk. Their son, Baruch married Fri da Yoselofsky, also of Pinsk. Together they had Flora, and Frank born in Pinsk, the rest born in the U.S. The Naiditch's were cousin's with Golda Meir's family. I'd love to share information, but I'd also be interested in corresponding with a lady or gentleman from Egypt! I live at the tip of the thumb of Michigan. My Grandpa Naiditchs' best friend was Arabic, and I have good friends here who are Arabic. I miss Detroit; I love hummus and world cup soccer. Love kids, animals, and nature. Bob Marley, 2...hope to hear from you; but I must warn you, I don't have a computer! All the best, thank you, m.e. Kelly
From :m. mavidis - 10/27/00 20:02:14
Last address in Egypt: none
comments:   I am interested in Egyptian history and culture and look forward to visiting.
From :nadia mahfouz - 10/25/00 11:22:42
Last address in Egypt: sidi bishr, alexandria
comments:   I'm doing a small research on the migration of Jews from Egypt, and was really surprised to know Egyptian Jews still remember their good times.
From :Roland Prior - 10/25/00 05:31:56
Last address in Egypt: c/o DEO (German School) Dokki
comments:   I enjoyed the visit to the downtown synagoge very much and hope to be able to come back and see more of Jewish culture in Cairo
From :Latifa Javed - 10/19/00 06:34:56
comments:   I would like to first say that I'm not Jewish, I'm Arab. I really enjoyed surfing this website because I have always been very interested in the Turkish period in the middle East. I came across a lot of information on your web that points out how importa t and visible the Jewish community was in Egypt. It's very hard to find such information in Arab websites. Thanks again. Latifa
From :Rob Schwartz - 10/19/00 01:41:37
Last address in Egypt: AUC Hostel, Zamalek
comments:   I just saw the article on the cemetery and I was fascinated, so I've been exploring your multitude of WWW pages all evening! Thank you for investing so much careful time and effort on producing a great and very navigable website. I'll be sure to stop by for a visit when next I find myself in El-Kahira.
From :Lina Argoetti - 10/18/00 22:48:16
Last address in Egypt: Cairo
comments:   If anyone from Cairo knows me write me an e mail. I left Egypt many years ago. Living in Montreal Canada now.
From :Wanda Matos - 10/10/00 07:55:24
Last address in Egypt: visited in summer 99
comments:   Actually I'm interested by any information concerning the Cicurel's family. My boyfriend is Didier Alain Cicurel born the 9th September 1969 in Switzerland, unfortunately I don't know his father's name but I know he died in 1992. If anyone could give me more details about his family or about the Grands Magasins Cicurel in Cairo between the 20's till early 60's.
From :becky franco - 10/06/00 19:42:38
Email: reviyon@blockbustere
Last address in Egypt: 55 ibrahim pasha
From :Harold V. Clumeck - 09/30/00 04:57:44
comments:   I have an interest in the Jewish community in Egypt. My grandfather grew up in Cairo, and I have a number of relatives who were born in Egypt but are now either in Europe or here in the United States.
From :Sandi Steinberg - 09/27/00 18:26:38
Last address in Egypt: never
comments:   Very interesting. My friend in New Haven, CT many years ago was Corinne Jabes Brody, (whose family is listed on your page). She was born in Egypt and is the niece of the poet, Edmond Jabes. The family moved to Paris, and then to Queens, NY. When I knew Corinne and her husband, she was a graduate student in French literature at Yale and working in the Yale Library part-time in the African Collections. I was a secretary-searcher working full time for the Curator of the Collections. Does anyone know where she is now? She has a younger brother named Joe, if that helps at all. Sandi Steinberg
Arlington, VA
She grew up in Cairo,
From :Viviane(Maschoieff) Pescov - 09/25/00 06:21:20
Last address in Egypt: Rue Tigrane,Sporting,Alexandria
comments:   I truly admire all the efforts & work to preserve our History in Cairo and would love to see and hear about the preservation of the Synagogues and cemeteries in my native and beautiful city of Alexandria. I am sure that the Jews from Tantah, Mansourah, Mineh etc would also like to know what became of their past heritage and places of Worship? The Bassatine News is a great source of information, Terrific Job! Viviane Maschoieff
becky franco - 09/19/00 04:01:03
Last address in Egypt: 55 ibrahim pasha
comments:   very happy to have entered this page and hope to contact other friends through this many thanks regards to all ex Egyptians
From :Naguib Amin - 09/16/00 19:49:18
comments:   I have been lucky enough to find Jacques Hassoun's edited book "Les Juifs du Nil". An excellent receuil of memories with hundreds of photographs of what used to be a flourishing community. I am working in the field of antiquities and monuments heritage protection in Egypt and would appreciate any guiding to information on existing historical synagogues in Cairo or elsewhere in the country. All the best Naguib Amin
From :nanette albagli shaw - 09/15/00 19:56:41
Email: nshaw212@AOL.COM
Last address in Egypt: hELIOPOLIS
comments:   Would love to hear from people who left Egypt around 1956. I was 9 years old when I left. Am returning for the second time this December....would love to visit Jews still living in Egypt
From :ODETTE EPSTEIN NAGGIAR - 09/06/00 01:52:51
Last address in Egypt: ismail st., Heliopolis
comments:   I loved browsing through your website. We left Egypt in 1965 and after living one year in Paris, emigrated to the US. I attended Abraham Btesch school and am actually in touch all over the world with many old friends and acquaintances from Heliopolis an Cairo. If anybody still remembers me, please get in touch. Shalom, waiting to hear from you. Odette
From :Hussein Shaarawi - 09/02/00 23:58:50
Last address in Egypt: 2 rue Kasr el Ni
From :Fiona Shabetai Cash - 08/29/00 03:09:15
Last address in Egypt: unknown
From :helene brandon - 08/26/00 20:58:41
comments:   We will be in Cairo somewhere around Oct.22,00, and would like very much to meet with members of the Jewish community. We have been to Cairo before, and now would like to speak to our own
From :Lisa Elgazzar - 08/21/00 15:00:42
Last address in Egypt: My husband is from Tanta
From :youssef mourad - 08/19/00 18:21:03
Last address in Egypt: 65 abbassia st cairo
comments:   Please Mr. President Mubarak save our history and our cemeteries in the Bassatine. thank you.
From :Leon M Wahba - 08/15/00 18:04:54
Last address in Egypt: 3 Rue des Champs de Course, Heliopolis
comments:   I would like to express my sincere thanks and congratulations to the enterprising young men and women who completed the digitizing of Bassatine Cemetery initiative.  You are to be commended for taking on such a daunting task. I sincerely hope that you enjoy ed participating in this worthwhile initiative. May this accomplishment give you personal satisfaction and pride for the rest of your, hopefully, long -healthy - happy - and prosperous lives. Amen. Congratulations again and best wishes for continued success.
From :Mohamed Ahmed - 08/13/00 07:10:07
comments:   Shalom Aleichem. I would like to express my appreciation and happiness in finding your marvelous site EL BASSATINE News with all his historical articles an important documents. A treasure for all the humanity, and as an Egyptian to be proud of. I am an Egyptian opera singer living in Italy. Years ago I visited almost all synagogues in Cairo among them my favorite Rab Harambam’s synagogue where since I was an eighteen- ager I used to go to meditate, and how many times I cleaned it’s well. I am so happy that it’s restored and that it shines again, hoping that this happens to all other synagogues. I also read about Am Zaki’s death God bless his soul. As an opera singer I joined 2 choir called SHLOMOT and Col Hakolot we sing Jews from the Jewish community in Milan, Christians and Moslems all together singing and playing Jewish safardic and Chasidic songs as a symbol of peace. Among us there are a lot of Egyptian Jews who live in Italy , I enjoy hearing there stories and nostalgic memories. And they where very happy to know about your site I think you will hear from them soon. The last concert we sang last 29th of June with the participation of the Honorable Rav E. Richetti, Vice Capo Rabbino of Milan. It was very successful, and maybe who knows one day we can sing also in Egypt by the name of Peace and Art. If I can kindly ask you to send me Egyptian Jewish lyrics and songs that I can add to my repertoire and that the choir can sing in his concerts it would be a beautiful thing knowing that the Egyptian Jewish community was a very flourishing one with a lot of artists, singers, and composers. At the end of my letter I would like to wish you all the best. Thank you
From :Raymonde (Setton) Nahon - 08/11/00 14:45:13
Last address in Egypt: 10 rue borsa tewfikya le caire
comments:   My father Abramino Setton worked at Albert Gomel's (who owned "Algo" shop) if someone knows Albert Gomel family (his wife Bertha and daughter Shouli) or Clement Kattan family (who worked together with my father) please contact me. My father used to be invited every Saturday to Albert Gomel together with "Le Grand Rabbin Nahum" and used to read for him the news papers as he cannot see (I think he was blind) . These are my memories from childhood. I would like very much to share them with anybody who can remember.
From :Abe Wilk - 08/10/00 00:09:13
comments:   Would like to receive all news from the Jewish community
From :Daniella - 08/04/00 17:34:01
Last address in Egypt: Sh. Adly 19
comments:   From 1958 I used to go every summer, to Cairo to see my grand mother, Mme Elvira, (directrice de Cicurel). All my friends were from the Gezira Sporting Club or Agami, I am still going to Egypt twice a year, and I am still in contact with a lot of my old group, all around the world, if somebody still remembers me, please, keep in touch. It was a wonderful time, although Egypt is still my country!
From :Ron Lagnado - 08/04/00 03:19:17
comments:   A great site. I added to my family tree three fold since I found the Cattaui tree. If anyone knows any of the following names I'd appreciate an email with names, dates or stories. Lagnado, Cattaui, Jabes, Cuzzer. Thanks.
From :Alfred (Freddy) Lehine/Kid Sister Racheline (Rachou/Poupsi) Lehine - 08/02/00 03:54:00
Last address in Egypt: 19 Rue Adli Pasha, Cairo
comments:   Am writing on behalf of my brother and myself. My brother was born in 1933 and attended English Mission College (or English Monkeys' Collection) as the boys called it. He left in 1953 to attend school in Birmingham, England, then on to New York to attend Columbia University of Pharmacy. I was born in 1940 and attended the Lycee. My Dad and I reunited with Freddy in New York in 1957. Freddy and I now live in California. I recently opened this website and read the comments as well as the names, some of whom seem familiar but it has been a long long time. If you remember our family we'd love to hear from you. Hope you have all enjoyed a good life.
marc khedr - 07/30/00 20:10:59
Last address in Egypt: 146 tahrir street cairo
From :Victor Saltiel - 07/24/00 19:25:59
Last address in Egypt: Alexandria (Sesostris St.)
comments:   I have fond memories of my childhood in Alexandria. We lived in a world that is gone forever. Mazal Tov and Chazak Baroukh on your continued good deeds.
From :Rony MELAMED - 07/23/00 19:36:15
Last address in Egypt: Rue Zanariri (Sporting) Alexandrie
comments:   Congratulations for your initiative. I was pupil at Ecole de l'Union Juive in Alexandria. I left Egypt in June 1957 (i was 13 years old). My sister Esty (now married with Ephrati Nessim) and I are living in Paris.
From :Max Ciprut (Tchiprout) - 07/17/00 22:18:43
Last address in Egypt: 55 Rue Heliopolis, Camp de Cesar Alexandrie
comments:   Hi, Are there any practising Egyptian Jewish Rabbis still in Alexandria or Cairo, if so I need a phone Number. I have some questions of a private Jewish Nature to consult about. Thank You Max Ciprut
From :Dr.Jacques Saleh - 07/17/00 13:06:52
Last address in Egypt: abassia
comments:   I forgot my address, I left Egypt in December 1956,I discovered the Bassatine news accidentally while brousing through my computer. It gave me great pleasure to read about all the interesting events going on in our Jewish communities.
From :Eric Krieger - 07/10/00 09:47:30
Last address in Egypt: 32 Mareshal French, Sidi Gaber
comments:   I intend to take my family to Egypt in December/January 2001, my first visit back to where I was born in 1944 and which I left in 1953.I would welcome anyone who still remembers Anna Moully Krieger, a singer, or her husband Roland, or his brother Edwin, to contact me at the above email.
From :Janine Lesser - 07/10/00 09:09:26
Last address in Egypt: 13 rue du Metro Heliopolis
comments:   My surname was Hornstein. I attended EMC then St. Clare's College and the Heliopolis spotring club was where I spent many leisure hours. My father was Henri Hornstein and my mother Raimonde Milhem. I would be delighted to hear from family or friends. I eft Egypt with my parents in 1956.
From :orly - 07/10/00 08:16:10
Last address in Egypt: **
comments:   I  really like your site, but I need your help. I'm working at the Education department in the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem, Israel And I'm doing a project right now on a Jewish day schools aruond the world, Do you have any list of URL gewish day/supllmental schools? I'll be very thank'sfull for you'r her. Orly
From :Pierre Danon - 07/08/00 15:56:42
comments:   My mother CLAIRE ADES was born in Egypt. If anybody wants some info about the Ades, Danon, Sapriel,or Menashe families please e-mail. Any info would also be welcome.
Joan Gottfried - 07/08/00 01:36:37
comments:   very interesting- my husband and I are hoping to visit Egypt in January 2001-now I will try to visit the cemetery and maybe some synagogues
From :Menacheroff Chimchon - 06/26/00 21:25:16
Last address in Egypt: Sharea (Farouk) El-Guesh, Cairo
comments:   Will be glad to correspond with fellows who was pupils at Lycee Francais du Caire.I left Egypt in Mai 1957, 17 years old. I wonder if anybody can send me the email of the Lycee Francais du Caire, I will be grateful.
From :jack Setton - 06/21/00 19:52:59
Last address in Egypt: 11 midan el ismaileya Cairo Egypt
From :Leon M Wahba - 06/21/00 18:32:01
Last address in Egypt: Heliopolis
comments:   Congratulations to Mrs Esther Weinstein on the recognition recently bestowed on her by the Vatican in appreciation of her 25 years of support of Caritas. I am an avid reader of your web site and recognize that it is thanks to the efforts of Mother and daughter Weinsteins that the remaining Jewish population of Cairo continues to strive. I would be very interested in knowing more about the history of the Weinsteins and believe that an article about the 2 of them would be very interesting. Where they born and raised in Egypt? Educational background. Business affiliations. Hobbies. Places they like to travel to. Their contribution (substantial I would think!) to the welfare of the Jewish community. Finally, it would be nice to read what Mrs. Weinstein reaa cted when she was so deservedly honored. Again congratulations and best wishes for continued good health and happiness. Best regards,
From :claude habert - 06/14/00 19:18:32
Last address in Egypt: Alexandria
comments:   Great Site - keep up the good work. Father was Armand Habert and mother Anna Goldstein. I was born in Alexandria, went to St Andrew's School. Went to Faculty of Engineering in Alexandria for 3 years. Attended CICA and Smouha Clubs. Interested in hearing from anyone I might have known.
From :nadia mahfouz - 06/13/00 22:31:45
Last address in Egypt: 29 kalil hamada street sidi bishr alexandria
comments:   well i don't have a comment yet, maybe later.
From :jose nigrin - 06/13/00 00:19:24
Last address in Egypt: none
comments:   It's good to know that there is a thriving Jewish community in Egypt, and that Islam and Jewish people can live together in peace and harmony.
Avram Stein - 06/10/00 04:36:53
Last address in Egypt: zamalek
comments:   Glad to visit the site and see some familiar scenes of the Cairo I left in 1996.
From :larboni - 06/05/00 15:38:07
Last address in Egypt: Alexandria in 1956
From :Mrs.Albert Segel - 06/01/00 20:42:49
comments:   My grandaughter spent a year in Cairo as a student. She intends to spend this summer at the American University & hopefully to help in further restoration of the cemeteries. Her name is Leah Harris. Good luck with this project. Sincerely, Sylvia Segel
From :Viviane Koenig, nee Franco - 05/28/00 23:46:42
Last address in Egypt: 56 Rue Kasr El Nil, Cairo
comments:   I was born in Cairo in 1948, daughter of Abner and Esther Franco (nee Barzel). I went to the Religieuses Franciscaines school. We left Egypt on June 22, 1967. I visited Cairo again in 1998.
From :esther weinstein - 05/27/00 22:37:48
comments:   I accidentally came across your web-site, and was delighted to see some-one who had the same name as mine. Please pass this info on to Esther for me, and if possible, ask her to send me an e-mail. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and was born here. We are in our 60s, are grand-parents, and would be interested in hearing from any of your congregants who would like to keep in touch. sincerely, Esther Weinstein
From :Ben Nahman - 05/27/00 18:45:31
Last address in Egypt: not from Egypt
comments:   As a descendant of one of the sons of R. Moses ben Nahman (RaMBaN)who has researched our own "oral" history I invite the readers of this great page to visit mine. As a voluntary "amateur genealogist" I help trace family names in Spain and in our exile to many lands. Ours descend from Joseph Nahman, and am in touch with many of those from the Egyptian sid, descendants of the RaMBaN from his other two sons. Salud y Shalom, Ben Nahman
From :Yehouda Leny Hakim - 05/25/00 17:29:40
Last address in Egypt: 27, Hoda Shaarawi, Cairo.
comments:   I enjoyed the Bassatin newsletter, yes it brings back childhood memories of familiar sites and names I spent a very enjoyable hour navigating in a maze of memories helped by Bassatin. Thank you.
From :Marc Eckmann - 05/23/00 00:31:44
Last address in Egypt: Salamlik Street
comments:   Am hai b'mitzraim! It seems as if the world expects the Egyptian Jewish community to disappear eventually. This will not happen so long as we have dynamic individuals like Mme. Weinstein as leaders of the community. When I left Egypt in the Sixties, I s convinced that there was no future for Jews there. But now my hope is that young people will return, the old institutions will be revived, and some semblance of the life we used to know will return. I would especially like to know if there are any pros pects of a Jewish child in Egypt being bar- or bas-mitzvahed in the next years. Can any current community member respond? Meanwhile, best wishes to all fellow Jews in Egypt and to our Moslem and Coptic friends. --Marc Eckmann
From :chimchon menacheroff - 05/19/00 22:50:42
Last address in Egypt: cairo, darb el moustafa 7
comments:   First I congratulate you for your initiative I left Egypt being 17 old. I  left there all my grand fathers & grandmothers and wonder if you can help to locate the graves.
From :Elana Ben-Kerem - 05/18/00 16:16:00
Last address in Egypt: Khuwatre el Yehud, Alexandria
comments:   very nice
From :Raymonde Nahon (Setton) - 05/14/00 13:18:29
Last address in Egypt: 10 rue Borsa Tewfikya , Le Caire
comments:   Here I am writing again. This time I am looking for Rosine nee Maghrabi or Vera (nee Sharvit) in the USA. If you read this message please write back to Rosine is the daughter of Fortunee and Vera is her granddaughter (daughter of Mimi).
From :Willy Farber - 05/13/00 16:48:42
Last address in Egypt: Helwan,Gaafar st. 52
comments:   Your website is fascinating and brings back wonderful memories from childhood.
From :Michel Farhi - 05/10/00 21:20:42
Last address in Egypt: Cairo
comments:   A good friend of mine from the Lycee Francais du Caire recommended me to see Bassatine news. It is very interesting. How can I help the community in Cairo to overcome its present situation ? I would like to help , if possible.
From :María González - 04/27/00 09:14:23
Last address in Egypt: Maamal al Succar, Garden City
comments:   This is a wonderful site. Although I am not Jewish I had many school friends in the late fifties. I lived near the Sinagogue in Pensione Roma run by an Italian family. I have good memories of the Dayans, whose daughters went the the Franciscans school n Rue Antikhana. I am most impressed with the work being done by Mrs Carmen W. Keep it going.
From :Isaac Azerad - 04/19/00 02:41:07
Last address in Egypt: Heliopolis
comments:   A gem. A source of joy for those interested in their roots. I will visit often Meilleurs voeux pour Pessach Isaac Azerad
From :Leon M. Wahba - 04/17/00 21:21:57
comments:   Dear Esther and Carmen Weinstein; In a couple of days we shall be celebrating Paesach. My family and I would love to hear how that particularly poignant holiday is celebrated in today's Cairo. Do you have access to Matzoh and other holiday foods? Will here be a communal Seder? etc. Paesach is a season of inspiration, faith, and peace. May it be a time of great happiness to you and yours. Sincerely,
From :Sandy Logan - 04/16/00 17:41:24
Last address in Egypt: My father lived at 20 Rue Tigrane
comments:   First,my compliments to this site... It has been a year since I posted a message on this site. I would just like to appeal to friends of my family, Enrico or Roberto or Jo Levi as well as Magdi Soliman to message me - my father was Enrico/Henry Levi - changed his name to Logan - passed away in 1997.
All were born in Egypt between 1936 and 1945. My father, Henry, and his brother went to school at the Lycée français and also were taught by le Père Antaki. Should you have any information that you wish to pass on, I would be very grateful to you. Thank you very much and keep maintaining this site, please...
Best wishes to all of you Sandy Logan
From :Lilly Khennoussi - 04/15/00 21:35:03
Isaac NEWMAN - 04/15/00 08:04:26
Last address in Egypt: Ismail street, Heliopolis
comments:   Absolutely fascinated and my first trip back to memory times!!! Born in Egypt, I left it at age 19 with all my childhood memories....Went back once, but did not manage enough... Thank you for the opportunity to see and read more
From :Celeste de Burgos/Zellin - 04/12/00 18:33:56
comments:   My grandfather Joseph Delbourgo was sephardic and born in Egpyt in Port Said about 1881. He married Elizabeth Schwartz from Alexandria. We are trying to research the family tree of de Burgos/Delbourgo/Del Borgo.If anyone can help please contact me.
From :GONZALEZ VERA - 04/10/00 12:00:52
Last address in Egypt: Maamal el succar - garden city
comments:   This is a wonderful site even for people like me a catholic who lived in Egypt during the late fifties and early sixties. All my friends there were juish they have all left for the States or Canada. I enjoy coming to your site because of the richness of knowledge and research possibilities. Thanks
From :Belleli Victor - 04/10/00 08:17:02
Last address in Egypt: sharea sabaa el banat 35 alexandria
comments:   i'm 50 the som of solom (worked as a printer at ventura printhouse)& clair belleli.imigrate to israel at age of 7 at 1957.
From :Cedric Carton - 04/08/00 22:29:28
Last address in Egypt: 21 Sharia Kasr el Aali, Garden City, Cairo
comments:   I was born in Cairo but left at the age of 9 in 1950. My ascendants included the Palacci and Benaroya families, both with roots in Egypt. I am trying to put together a family tree of both these families and have had more success on the Palacci side than o the Benaroya side. I would appreciate help from anyone who might have information regarding either of these families.
To be more specific, my maternal grandfather was Leon Benaroya and grandmother was Fortunée Palacci. I know that my great grandfather was Vita Palacci, married to Sol Negrin. I THINK that his parents were Menachem and Marie Palacci but would love to receie confirmation of this, as well as information about other possible relatives of these. I believe that Sol Negrin had two (very beautiful) sisters, but I don't know either their names or their parents' names.
If you have any information, please contact me in English, French or Spanish.
On my father's side, I need to seek information in England.
From :Robert Rosenfeld - 04/06/00 01:16:35
Email: RR1134@AOL.COM
From :Gonzalez-Vera - 04/05/00 14:24:08
Last address in Egypt: Sharia Maamal al Succar - Garden City
comments:   It is great after so long to hear and read from people my parents knew. Bravo for the site Mazeltof
From :BARUCH - 04/02/00 14:45:13
Last address in Egypt: Aboukir Road Ibrahimieh Alexandrie
comments:   Why we do not have news of Alexandria and other towns? Cairo is not the only city having a jewish Community!
From :Ruth Rossman - 03/30/00 22:20:55
Last address in Egypt: never visited Egypt
From :Celia Berkowitz - 03/30/00 14:58:54
From :Azoubel - 03/28/00 20:03:42
Last address in Egypt: 89 rue Ibrahim Pacha
comments:   Nostalgie de l'egypte et surtout de 54 a 58
From :Jason Stokes - 03/27/00 06:51:04
comments:   I commend the JCC board members especially the Weinsteins for all their sincere efforts in preserving the Jewish-Egyptian heritage. I am in the same time appalled by those among the Jewish Diaspora who are only interested in getting all Judaica out of Eg pt while failing to provide any financial help that is needed to complete JCC's restoration and archiving efforts.
From :Isabelle Levi - 03/26/00 20:24:31
Last address in Egypt: Maadi
From :Amr hakim - 03/22/00 22:41:28
Last address in Egypt: heliopolis
comments:   I am not jewish,I am muslim from Cairo. I never knew about the jewish community in Egypt. I wish you the best.
DENISE MORENO - 03/20/00 14:46:05
Last address in Egypt: 26 rue Cherif Pacha Cairo (Immobilia)
comments:   I am collecting money for the Bassatine cemetery of Cairo which is in need of constant maintenance. Anyone who can help, please send me an e-mail.
Thank you
Denise Moreno
From :Edward Graham - 03/20/00 03:57:41
Last address in Egypt: Misaakin Sheraton, Heliopolis
comments:   Excellent site and an absolutely necessary resource. Best of luck to you in the future.
From :Leon M. Wahba - 03/15/00 18:27:59
Last address in Egypt: 3 Rue des Champs de Course, Heliopolis
comments:   Today I received an e-mail from Desiree Sakall asking me to sign a petition to His Excellency President Mubarak asking that much (if not all!) of Egypt's Judaica be transferred overseas, possibly the USA, and warehoused safely somewhere where the records can be retained, examined, studied; where the artwork and religious objects can be displayed etc etc.
I was equally surprised when I noticed that today's Wall Street Journal actually carried a front page article on this matter. I know that I have not formulated a final opinion on this matter.
I know, however, that despite the existence of this very well done internet site, which site does convey the impression that there is a viable and energetic Jewish Community presence still in Egypt, the very truth of the matter is that it is instead a miniscule comunity. And, despite its eloquent arguments to the contrary, it is a dwindling community that will inevitably dissapear. On the other hand, I am aware of the growth of Jewish tourism into Egypt. Very justiaable indeed. The weather can be marvelous. The people are very friendly. There are so many interesting things to see and do. Might it make sense to fund the establishment of a Jewish Museum in Egypt?
Could the Jews from Egypt not establish an endowment that would help support that Museum and have it staffed by bright young people who could update the records etc etc?
But then, what will happen to that Egypt based Museum in yet another few decades when those of us who were born there and still retain extremely fond memories are no longer around? It is highly unlikely that our children, much less our grandchildren, will much care. Who will then support it? Who will visit it? I submit as an example the Jewish Museum in Prague where the Jewish population is slightly larger than the Jewish population of Cairo. The attraction there is different because the art work hails from all corners of Europe and attracts the Jewish tourists from all over the world.
I would think that a similar Museum in Egypt would attract similar crowds but I do not really know. I have stated my dilemna in an effort to elicit a debate on this matter. Disagreeing with each other is not a sin. There should be an intellectual debate on this matter. Even more importantly, how would such a Museum be funded and supported? Without that critical element, then Ddesire Sakkal's petition does make sense. Thank you and Salamat!
From :David Chalmers - 03/15/00 06:02:42
comments:   Hello, my father was born John Chalom in Cairo (or Heliopolis) in 1937 (he moved to Sydney, Australia and changed his name at age 10). His father was Willy Chalom, also of Cairo. Willy Chalom wrote a book called "Nous Venons de Palestine" (a sort of Zionist tr velogue) in 1938, co-authored with Jules Levy, his brother-in-law and my great-uncle.
Other than that I have almost no information about him or the family history (he died in the early 1940s and my father knows very little). I would appreciate any information that anyone might have about my grandfather, or about the Chalom family history.
I'd also be very interested in relevant parts of the Levy family history: my grandmother was Lila Levy, and her father Iamadeo (?) Levy, with a connection somewhere to Malta.
Many thanks!
David Chalmers (
From :AFOUMADO Françoise - 03/13/00 12:50:47
Email: Franç
Last address in Egypt: Bab-el-Louk
comments:   Qui a connu les familles Afoumado, Wahba, Jabes au Caire. Mon mari (Léon Afoumado) était au collège des Frères de Bab-el-Louk jusqu'en 1956. Nous essayons de retrouver des informations pour continuer l'arbre généalogique de la famille. Merci par avance.
From :Dr. Charles Spurgeon - 03/10/00 23:50:47
Last address in Egypt: never
comments:   Looking forward to a possible stay there in Maadi
From :Yehudith Harel - 03/09/00 23:49:57
Last address in Egypt: Marriot hotel
comments:   I love Egypt - I wish there was a possibility for me to spend a long time in Egypy, to live there and to learn more about the past and the present.
From :BORIS M. kANTZER - 03/08/00 21:27:34
Last address in Egypt: ZAMALEK CAIRO
From :Jacques Mayer - 03/04/00 20:30:07
Last address in Egypt: 32 Sabri Abou Alam Pacha Cairo
comments:   Keep the good work!
From :Marcel Louza - 03/04/00 01:30:55
Last address in Egypt: 9 rue Hafz, Alexandria
From :Stephen Papastephanou - 03/02/00 12:20:18
Last address in Egypt: Zamalek,Cairo
comments:   I was very happy to receive news recently from one of the most talented piano students of Mr. Tiegerman, Becky Franco, who now resides in Peru. If anyone is interested in contacting her, please send me an email, and I will put you in touch with her. I am considering starting a URL on students of the Conservatoire Tiegerman (including the students of Mr. Menashe violin, as well as students of Mrs. Menashe, piano) and anybody who was part of the Conservatoire. As you may know, 2 CDs with various record ngs by Mr. Tiegerman are available commercially (Arbiter) and have received great acclaim from both the public and critics in the US, and Europe. We are always hoping to discover more recordings and hope to be contacted by anyone who recorded his performaces from the radio, or live performances. Best wishes
From :Nayla Bishai - 02/29/00 15:53:04
From :ralph hayat - 02/17/00 19:23:00
Last address in Egypt: 23 rue el emir hussein Zamalek
From :Mark Eckmann - 02/13/00 03:53:59
Last address in Egypt: Sharia tulumbat, Garden City
comments:   I like to read the News regularly. The articles bring back the happy times of so many years ago. I just read with sadness about the passing of Robert Nahman. Most alarming was the statement that he represented 25% of the male Jewish community in Cairo. Surely there are more than three Jewish men in all of Cairo! Can someone write and clarify this depressing statistic to me? I'd especially like to hear from Jews who currently reside in Egypt.
From :Toby Hazan - 02/12/00 19:59:02
Last address in Egypt: Rue de Cleopatre, Alexandrie
From :Alfred (Freddy) Dayan - 02/11/00 00:35:32
Last address in Egypt: 3, Sharia Kadel Fadel, Cairo
comments:   Great Service. I was born in Heliopolis in 1933 to Leon Dayan and Lea (Lucia) Bempechat. My maternal grandparents came to Cairo from Turkey, my Grandmother, Sultana Bempechat was born in a Turkish village: Chamlidjah, her maiden name was Alculumbre. My father passed away in 1935 when I was 2 years old. His mother was Victorine Suares, of the well known Sures banking and transportation family. I went to school until age 11 at the College des Freres BNab-el Louk and then to Lincoln school at the American University at Cairo from 1944 to 1948. I left for England in '48 and moved to Israel in '53. I am now living in California where I immigrated in 1958. I have had NO contact from anyone from Cairo sinceI left, except for one schoolchum in Israel!
From :Nevine Shulkami - 02/10/00 15:49:47
comments:   This message is for Carmen Weinstein. I think if you are the person I think you are, then I definitely knew your family when I was little. If you owned a bookstore in the center and lived in Midan el Tahrir, 4th floor with your mother, your father and your sister who left for Switerland (I think )in the early 50's. I also want to let you know that I had tears in my eyes when I read your letter about Jacques Hassoun. May he rest in peace. Mme. Weinstein, you are doing a marvelous job by trying to keep the jewish history alive in Egypt. I wish you much luck and success in your endeavours.
From :Norman C. Kaplan - 02/07/00 14:19:23
Last address in Egypt: Cairo
comments:   Please visit the website WWW.CALCOL.COM. Thank you. Shalom aleichem.
From :Eric Krieger - 02/06/00 03:55:40
Last address in Egypt: 32 Rue Marechal French, Sidi Gaber
comments:   Great site. Keep up the good work
From :karim said - 02/05/00 21:04:47
Last address in Egypt: heliopolis
comments:   I was impressed to know that there is a jewish comunity in Egypt. I would like to know how many jews live in Egypt. Your work is of a lot of interest to me . Keep up the good work.
From :Remi HAKIM - 02/04/00 13:10:15
Last address in Egypt: 49 rue Ramses Heliopolis
comments:   my father, Isaac Zaki Hakim, was chancellor of the cairo jewish community from 1942 to 1948. I would like to get in touch with people who knew him. thank you and best regards to the egyptian community. Remi hakim
From :Raymonde (Setton) Nahon - 02/03/00 09:33:39
Last address in Egypt: 10 rue Borsa Tewfikya , Caire
comments:   I found about you yesterday, I was born in Cairo in 1943 learn in Lycee Francais du Caire Bab el Look, want to hear about friends who remember the Setton family (father Abramino Setton, mother Rachel Setton) left Egypt on November 1957. Waiting for reply..
From :Michael Herman - 02/02/00 14:56:50
Last address in Egypt: unknown
comments:   My wife was born in Alexandria. Her name is Josiane Gallico. Her father is Eliot Gallico. Her mother is Yvonne Souci. There is a large exyended family in France. Her father was involved in basketball during his youth with UNION RECREATION. This part of the family lives in Montreal Canada.Part of the family ( DAVID AZAR group ) visited Alex this winter. Would love to get news from the Diaspora.
From :Maurice FREWA - 01/31/00 22:43:45
Last address in Egypt: 41 Rue du Baron Empain, Heliopolis
comments:   Left Egypt in Nov.58, since then I live in Caracas Venezuela. I left when I was 17 with a laissez-passer. Next day I was an "apatride".
From :NABIL KHALIL - 01/31/00 02:53:23
Last address in Egypt: 5 mohey eldin abou elez almaza heliopolis cairo
From :Toby - 01/28/00 01:14:49
Last address in Egypt: Ma'adi
comments:   I'm 28 now. While living in Cairo in the early 80's I remember faintly visiting your schul. Now I'm getting more reaquanted with orthodox-Judaism. I have one question I thought only you can answer: Are Jews allowed to return to Egypt, or visit? (I overheard my Rabbi saying that it was forbidden to do so because of a halikhic ruling??)
From :Carmona - 01/27/00 23:42:16
Last address in Egypt: jamais
comments:   Né en France de parents nés en Egypte, les informations sur la communauté m'intéressent Familles Carmona, Forte, Castro, Romano
RAIMONDO ROMANO - 01/24/00 00:39:54
Last address in Egypt: haret sakakini
From :Davies Samuel - 01/22/00 22:12:24
Last address in Egypt: 20 Rue Champollion, Mazarita, Alexandrie
comments:   Thank you indeed for the memories.......
From :betty dan - 01/20/00 12:12:47
comments:   I've never lived in Egypt, but I would like to receive information about the Jewish community, just to make some friends. Your web site is very interesting for european viewers. best
From :Leon M. Wahba - 01/14/00 21:37:32
Last address in Egypt: 12 Rue Soleiman Pasha
comments:   Discovered your site a week or so ago. Really lovely! Wish my Mother, Rebecca Wahba nee Balestra were still alive (she passed away in Philadelphia,USA, in May '99. She would have have appreciated reading all this a lot. Have passed on the site information to my relatives scattered in Brazil, Argentina,Venezuela, France, Belgium, Italy, and Israel. Keep up the good work! How many Jews could there be still living in Egypt?
From :Riccardo Mancuso - 01/09/00 03:37:17
comments:   I really don't know what to say. I visited 3adly's street synagogue few days ago and for a moment i felt that Egypt was once more what it used to be. I really don't when we are going or if we already reached the bottom, i can just say we are not on the right track. Although i'm only 21 i feel i have memories that are 60 years old. Memories of how beautiful Egypt was. However, one day these memories will vanish, we have to keep them all alive.
From :Salah Sedarous - 01/08/00 04:09:45
Last address in Egypt: Giza
comments:   I was a student at Cairo University. I studied Solid State Physics at the faculty of Science under professor Joesph Letto. He was an incridiable teacher. Does any one knows any thing about him? The latest I heard that he imigrated to the USA!. Thanks for any information regarding this great man. By the way, I am a coptic Egyptian who is living in the USA Thanks
From :Leon Marcel Wahba - 01/07/00 07:52:08
Last address in Egypt: Heliopolis
comments:   So delighted to find this web page. Earlier this morning my cousin Leon Afoumado (age 54) of Paris sent me an e-mail highly recommending I read your web page. Later that evening I hosted a molokheya" dinner for Dr Ahmed Fouad Rashad a retired radiologist and Dr. Jacob Wahba a retired anestheologist. We spent the evening talking about Egypt and the "good old days!". Someone asked if there were any Jews left in Egypt. The response was: None. Or very, very few! How exciting to discover that though small in number, this Jewish population appears to thrive.
I shall spend many more hours reading the articles and about current conditions for the Jewish community of Egypt. For your information I am pleased to report that my name is Leon Marcel Wahba. I was born in Cairo in January 1946 and emigrated to America in September 1959. I am presently the Head of the International Derpartment of Cleveland, Ohio (that's also my hometown now!) KeyBank, America's 11th largest Bank. In my earlier days of International Banking I was responsible for Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa and used to travel to Egypt nearly twice a year in the early and mid 70's.
Whenever I would travel there I would visit the sites where my rather large and extended Jewish family used to live, work, and worship... mostly Heliopolis. Only on a couple of occasions when I visited the Temple Ismaelia did I meet any Jews.
I last visited Cairo in 1985 with my wife. We had an absolutely marvelous time and have always wanted to revisit but for the fact that there are so many other places in this world where we like to travel and visit. Anyways, I have promised my entire family (wife, beautiful daughter, and wonderful son) that in the year 2000 I shall take them all for a vacation to Egypt.
When back in Egypt I sincerely hope to meet members of the Jewish community of Cairo. I would be interested in hearing more directly from interested parties willing to establish an e-mail correspondence about social issues. With best regards,
From :dr. aly ezzat - 01/06/00 02:58:43
Last address in Egypt: zamalek
comments:   being so far away for almost 50 years it is very refreshing to read the history of the suares family. i enjoyed your comments about my maternal grandfather talaat harb pasha. keep up the news.
From :Franky Mondolfo - 01/05/00 16:09:39
Last address in Egypt: Maadi and Sh.El Gezirah
comments:   To Carmen Weinstein: congratulations, super web site.I was born in Cairo in 1940 and left Egypt in 1959, never returned. Your site encourages me to bring my family for a visit. I thought "everyone knew everyone else", and yet I can barely recognized a handful of names! Swam at the Maadi and Gezireh sporting clubs (and Alex too, in summer). Learned violin at the Tiegerman conservatoire in rue Champollion, with M.Menasche. Went to the English School in Maadi (first Miss Black and then Miss Sykes' time), one year at Victoria College and then italian schools in Bulaq and Salesiani in Rod el Farag. Family relations: Forte, Mizrahi, Carmona. Maybe I can run into someone I DO know!


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