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Name : Esses, Cecile (nee Leonie BLAU)
Last address in Egypt : 3 Rue Baehler, Cairo
Present address : 3300 Carriageway Dr., Arlington Heights, IL., 60004 USA
Date : 01/19/2002
email address :
Comments : Very happy to have come across this site. I graduated from St. Clare's school at Heliopils in 1954. I'm looking for old friends from school or elsewhere. If my Name rings a bell, please contact me, would love to hear from you. Shalom

Name : ahmed hassan
Last address in Egypt : 30 galal st. ard yaakob el saida zenab
Present address : 30 galal st. ard yaakob el saida zenab
Date : 20/1/2002
email address :
Comments :
Name : Fortunee Shaevitz nee Sasson
Last address in Egypt : Daher
Present address : 71 Maplewood Circle, Brockton, MA 02302
Date : January 20, 2002
email address :
Comments : I was surfing and found this website. I left Egypt in 1961 along with my brother, Maurice, and moved to Brookline, MA. I attended the Ecole Franciscian in Cairo. I would be please to reminisce with residents of the Rue el Gaish area who lived there during
Name : Susan
Last address in Egypt : Mitri
Present address : Toronto
Date : Jan/02
email address :
Comments : Im an Egyptian Canadian whose parents are Coptic Orthodox Christians and I would like to know if I have a Jewish ancestry. I hope someone can help and I love your website.
Name : david souroujon barouh
Last address in Egypt : ...
Present address : Salvador, bahia, Brazil
Date : 24./01/2002
email address :
Comments : I am a brazilian Jew descending from turkish Jews but i was very glad to enter and read this interesting site. Here in salvador we have families originated from egypt Foa, ben ezra. Shalom David Barouh
Name : le tellier sophie
Last address in Egypt : no
Present address: ¨Paris France
Date : : 08 nov 2001
email address :
Comments : Coming from Russia and Romania, my old grandparents maried in alexandria and then go in autralia nathan goldstein and clara frieman...if you have information it will be very good for me, and I need the acte of to all of you
Present address: RADLETT, HERTS, UK
Date : : 12/09/2001
email address : LEWIS@MALEH57.FREESERVE .CO.UK
Name : Saïd Massoud
Last address in Egypt : 1 A Cheriffein St Cairo
Present address: Orléans France
Date : : 13/11/01
email address :
Comments : Je recherche un vieil ami du Lycée de Bab el Louk: Solly Cohen ou Saltiel Semtouni Charles Cohen. Son père était le propriétaire du magasin Albert & Charles, rue Soliman Pacha au Caire à côté du cinéma Metro. Ce serait pour moi une grande joie de le retro

Name : moussa abbas massouda
Last address in Egypt : 10 sheh amar st. midan el gesh
Present address: 9 haloutsim st. ashdod israel
Date : : 14 . 11 . 2001
email address :
Comments :
Name : Claude Habert
Last address in Egypt : Alexandria
Present address: Toronto Canada
Date : : Nov 22/01
email address :
Comments : interested in hearing from anyone I might have known in Egypt
Name : albert sonsino
Last address in Egypt : sporting /alexandria
Present address: long island/newyork
Date : : oct.27,2001
email address :
Comments : revisited cairo & alexandria in 1998 . It was a nostalgic experience.If anyone remembers me,please get in touch
Last address in Egypt :
Present address: KIBBUTZ BAHAN, ISRAEL
Date : : 30 NOVEMBER 2001
Name : Rudy Kamel
Last address in Egypt : Heliopolis, cairo
Present address: Ottawa Canada
Date : : 4 December 2001
email address :
Comments : I reviewed with great interest the article about the synagoges of Adly, and Ben Ezra. As a child born in 1939, I spent great time in Old Egypt, playing with the Jewish children, my grandmother owned a house, right accross from ben Ezra's synagog. The plac
Name : Daniel Friedlander
Last address in Egypt : None
Present address: 44 Lodato ave San Mateo CA. U.S.A.
Date : : 12-6-01
email address :
Comments : As a person born & raised in Israel and now livin in the U.S. I was glad to find your site and realise that there was and still is a live jewish culture in Egypt which is a positive step in achieving understanding between cultures and thus help to bring p
Name : Solomon Green
Last address in Egypt : 10, Sh. Ibn Malek, Giza
Present address: Richmond, Surrey
Date : : 22.12.01
email address : sosgreen@lycos,co,uk
Comments : Seasonal Greetings - particularly to Carmin who runs this site. May 2002 be a happier year for all of us.
Last address in Egypt : 65 NUBAR STREET- CAIRO
Present address: RIO DE JANEIRO
Date : : 27 DEC 2001
email address : SAVASK@DH.COM.BR
Name : alberto hassan h.
Last address in Egypt : alexandria ( ibrahimieh)
Present address: Caracas - Venezuela
Date : : September 30, 2001
email address :
Comments : I was born in Alexandria in 1930, I left Egypt in 1957 to travel to Venezuela. I enjoyed reading what you write very much. I hopé to continue reading your interesting articles. Thanks
Name : Myriam Feil-Levi
Last address in Egypt : none
Present address: Caracas, Venezuela
Date : : Sep.30-2001
email address :
Comments : Very interesting website. Visited Cairo and Ben Ezra in 1970 and recreated much plus Alexandria in 1999 with husband Jack. Awesome.
Name : Henry Karnilowicz
Last address in Egypt :
Present address: 3762 22nd Street, San Francisco, California, USA
Date : : 9/30/2001
email address :
Comments : I think it is wonderful that there are Jews still in Egypt who want to keep religious object etc. in Egypt. Its a pity that most Jews fled Egypt and now want to take whatever is left out of the country. I think that is what one calls sacriligeous! Hang in
Last address in Egypt : MENA HOUSE
Present address: MONTREAL
Date : : OCT 1,2001
email address : POLO123@VIDEOTRON.CA
Last address in Egypt : 1956
Present address: ARGENTINA
Date : : 2.10.2001
email address :
Comments : I would like to know if the name of my ancesters could be found in the bassatine cemetery. Is it possible to find a list on internet. happy to sign the guestbook....
Last address in Egypt : 10 Rue Memphis, Camp de César Alexandrie
Present address: Paris
Date : : 2 Octobre 2001
email address :
Comments : Why didn't I find this site earlier? It is great to see all these names related to my youth. I hope to hear from some of you in French or English, and perhaps meet ...
Name : Samir Sobhy
Last address in Egypt : 12 Midan Ibn Sander, Coubeh, Cairo
Present address: New York City, USA; AND Dakar, Senegal
Date : : October 18, 2001
email address :
Comments : I am not Jewish, but have many Jewish friends in the USA. Having lived in Egypt from the 40s to the 70s, I know how much the Jewish community contributed to Egypt's economy and culture. I hope the present community would flourish and prospere.
Name : HASSOUN Ralph
Last address in Egypt : 15 rue Emad el Dine au Caire
Present address: Paris
Date : : 19/10/2001
email address :
Comments : né en 1942, Lycée Français du Caire, départ en 1962, si mon nom évoque un souvenir, prendre contact.
Name : Robert S. Klein
Last address in Egypt : Midan Safir, Heliopolis
Present address: New York, USA
Date : : October 19, 2001
email address :
Comments : Went to the Lycee Franco-egyptien d'Heliopolis in the 1950-60. Left Egypt in 1962. If my name ellicits any memories from old school chums, please drop me a line. Mon Francais est encore assez bon pour correspondre dans la langue de Moliere.
Name : Barbara Goldburg
Last address in Egypt : Visitor only
Present address: Alabama, USA
Date : : October 24, 2001
email address :
Comments : I love Eygpt although I am Jewish and I am very interested in visiting this web site.
Name : Jory Miller
Last address in Egypt : None
Present address: USA
Date : : 10/25/2001
email address :
Comments : I am interested in Jewish communities that participate in diverse cultures throughout the world. I am (like one of the previous visitors to this site) happy to learn that there is still a Jewish community in Egypt and hope your community continues to prosper.
Name : Handali Victor
Last address in Egypt : Héliopolis
Present address: Antibes France
Date : : 02-11-01
email address :
Comments : Changement d'email pour ceux qui veulent me contacter.
Name :
Last address in Egypt :
Present address: dayyoa beach fl
Date : : 11-02-01
email address :
Comments : I love Egypt
Name : David Yallouz
Last address in Egypt : NA
Present address: Melbourne Australia
Date : : 4th November
email address :
Comments : My Fathers family came to Australia from Cairo in the 1940's My Grandfather was Bension Yallouz& Grandmother Yvonne Calanti. They had 3 children Robert, Roger & Juliette all still alive in Melbourne Australia. If anyone can give me more information...p
Name : Leon M. Wahba
Last address in Egypt : Heliopolis
Present address : Cleveland, Ohio, USA
email address :
Comments: : Dear Esther Carmen Weinstein; In a few short days we shall be celebrating the Holiday of Peasach. My family joins me in wishing you and the Cairo Jewish Community a very healthy and joyous holiday. We enjoyed meeting you while in Cairo this past Decemb
Name : Hatem
Last address in Egypt : Heliopolis.
Present address : Hegaz Street
email address :
Comments: : it is really great work here you do for all, not only jewish .
Name : T. Younis
Last address in Egypt :
Present address : Jordan
email address :
Comments: : I have stumbled on this page whilst researching some articles on Egypt for my students. I am fascinated and pleased that this community stayed on in Cairo and proved to the rest of the world that there is tolerance amongst us and that such communities alt
Name : Blima Kahn
Last address in Egypt : ????????
Present address : Caracas, Venezuela
email address :
Comments: : I wish I could learn more of my ancestors, they used to live in El Cairo but were raised in Alexandría. I am pleased to see how you got so well organized.
Name : Gianfranco (Franky) Mondolfo
Last address in Egypt : Cairo, Sh. El Guezireh, n.?
Present address : Italy, via Nullo 5, 20129 Milano
email address :
Comments: : Just re-visited the site: some items are getting old... have also sent you an up-date of the Rossi genealogic tree. If you are interested in other trees, I can send you one for the Forte family (Cairo and Alexandria).
Name : Edmund S. Goulder
Last address in Egypt :
Present address : 29956 Bolingbrook, 44124
email address :
Comments: : Egypt is now a country that I would most like to visit. I was pleased to realize the warm attitude of the Egyptians toward my people
Name : Jean-jacques TELIO
Last address in Egypt : Rue Aziz el Osman in Zamalek
Present address : 6400 via tierra Boca Raton, Florida
Date : April 28th 2001
email address :
Comments : Looking for a person named Nadine Mordo who lived in Cairo in the 50's.She had a brother..I wonder where she might have emigrated to...
Name : jacques Telio
Last address in Egypt :
Present address : Boca Raton,florida
Date : avril, 28 2001
email address :
Comments : j'ajoute a ma demande pour la famille Mordo que cette derniere habitait au caire dans les annees etait membre au tewfikieh tennis cherche a savoir ou ces derniers ont pu emigrer
Name : Sarah
Last address in Egypt :
Present address :
Date : 4/28/01
email address :
Comments : Looking for info on Benghiat family
Name : Eli Kodsi
Last address in Egypt : 85 Ramses Street, Cairo, Egypt
Present address : 86-72nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209
Date : April 29, 2001
email address :
Comments : Please keep in touch. Your website is wonderful.
Name : Sapriel, André
Last address in Egypt : Heliopolis
Present address : Cannes/France
Date : 02/05/2001
email address :
Comments : Very glad to have discovered this site. Je cherche les amis du Lycée d'Heliopolis: si des fois ils existent encore...
Name : Sarine Nina Albagli
Last address in Egypt : Zaghloul nbr 3, Daher, Cairo
Present address : Houston Tx
Date : 11May01
email address :
Comments : I would love to hear from anybody who recognizes my name. Born in Cairo 1946, went to Lycee Francais then the Goute De Lait, Sibbil and back to Lycee Francais. Left Egypt in 1965.
Name : Marsha Slivka
Last address in Egypt : MA'ADDI
Present address : 53 Wembley Road Toronto, Ontario M6C 2G1
Date : May 14, 2001
email address :
Comments : thank you for the receipt for my donation - much appreciated

Name : Alain Farhi
Last address in Egypt : Rue Sheikh Barakat
Present address :
email address :
Comments: Nice web site as always. I discovered a new section on Genealogy and invite all of you to visit my sites which include many Egyptian families. You may find yourself or your relative or friends already listed there.
Alain Farhi

Name : Stephen Goar
Last address in Egypt :
Present address : 431 Historic West Tenth, Anderson, IN, USA, 46016
email address :
Comments :

Name : Joel Moskowitz M D
Last address in Egypt :
Present address : 2684 Costebelle Drive La Jolla California 92037 USA
email address :
While surfing the net, I was delighted and excited to find that there was/is a Jewish Community in Cairo. My wife and I visited this fascinating city several years ago. Anwar Sadat was a visionary man of courage and decency,as far as I know.
Name : Vais Racheline
Last address in Egypt : 23, rue Memphis Camp de César Alexandrie
Present address : Montréal, Canada
email address :
Je suis née à Alexandrie, avril 1942. J'ai fréquenté le Lycée Français jusqu'à 1956. J'aimerais recevoir des nouvelles de mes camarades de classe si elles se rappelle de moi. Merci.
Name : Manuel Gwiazda
Last address in Egypt :
Present address :
email address :
I am an Argenitinian jewish guy, oh what a surprise to know that there is a jewish community in Egypt My best regards to you, because even tough we live in different countries we are basically the same people as we share a common past Shalom
Last address in Egypt : RUE FOUAD - ALEXANDRIA
email address :
How can you still live in a country who haits us since the beginning of our history?
Name : Ismalun Rechtman
Last address in Egypt : Bulkeley-Alexandria
Present address : Kibbutz Mishmar Hanegev- 85315. Israel
email address :

Name : Leny Yehouda, Isaac Hakim
Last address in Egypt : 27 Rue Hoda Sha'arawi, Cairo
Present address : 55, Nahmani Str, Tel Aviv Israel
email address :
Comments: :
I was born to Suzanne nee Saoul Isaac Hakim in Khartoum,Sudan in 1934. The family moved to Alexandria "Ibrahimyah" in 1935 and by the end of the 1930's to Cairo to the above address, I have 3 sisters, Lorys born 1928 at Alex.
Arlette born Khartoum 1931
Name : Leon M Wahba
Last address in Egypt : Heliopolis
Present address : Cleveland, Ohio
email address :
Comments: :
The death of any person is always sad. It is even sadder when it means that the Jewish community of males is, today, even smaller in Cairo. My condolences to the family of Shehata Haroun. I was pleased to read that he was accorded the final rites of our religion.
Name : houssam abd rabo
Last address in Egypt :
Present address : abbasia - danish street
email address :
Comments: :

Name : Esther
Last address in Egypt : Sakakini
Present address : canada
email address :
Comments: :
Your web site is very good. I like surffing on it. Dear Carmen Weinstein, why no more issue from your newspaper. The last issue was september 2000. I found lot of useful information in your site. I hope you can issue more newspaper.
Name : Dan Yarhi
Last address in Egypt : Zamalek
Present address : Toronto, Canada
email address :
Comments: :

Name : hatem
Last address in Egypt : moktam .
Present address : 40 el gesh street.
email address :
Comments: :
I really enjoy this site and l lik eto be come part of that .
Name : Scott Leslie
Last address in Egypt : N/A
Present address : 1/30 Pomona Road, Riverside, TAS. 7250 Australia
email address :
Comments: :

Name : Mosseri
Last address in Egypt : Giza Street
Present address : New York
Comments: :
Very interesting
Name : Leon Wahba
Last address in Egypt :
Present address : USA
email address :
Comments: :
Dear Ms Carmen Weinstein--We have just returned safely home after a most memorable two weeks visit of Egypt. We sincerely enjoyed meeting you and highly appreciated your taking the time out of your busy schedule to provide the seven of us a very pleasant
Name : menasce clement
Last address in Egypt : 68 Nouzha street heliopolis
Present address : 25 rue du louvre Paris France
email address :
Comments: :

Name : Wanda Matos
Last address in Egypt :
Present address :
email address :
Comments: :
I'm still looking for information concerning the CICUREL family. I would like to contact the person from Cattaui family you made the genealogical tree of CICUREL family. Just in case...the person you married Dolly had divorced and married Marlyse.
Name : Handali Victor
Last address in Egypt : Héliopolis
Present address : Antibes France
email address :
Comments: :
Heureux de me retrouver parmi tant de souvenirs communs .Dans l'attente de contacter mes amitiés BRAVO pour tous ces efforts déja accomplis.
Name : Hilda Castro[Kodsi]
Last address in Egypt : Rue Papouchado,Zamalek
Present address : USA
email address :
Comments: :
Tant de souvenir, it is wonderful.
Name : Ernest Bassous
Last address in Egypt : Alexandria
Present address : 4465 Douglas Ave, Apt. 11J, Bronx, NYork, USA
email address :
Comments: :
Found out about your website by accident.
Name : Israel MAURICE
Last address in Egypt : MAADI Cairo
Present address : Edgware, Middx U,K
email address : armon@armon,demon,co,uk
Comments: :
Was studying at the LYCEE FRANCAIS OF Cairo and HELIOPOLIS Nice to hear from old friends
Name : Adam Jamhour
Last address in Egypt :
Present address : Miami, Florida
email address :
Comments: :

Name : Amro Amin
Last address in Egypt : heliopolis
Present address : Canada
email address :
Comments: :
Jews played an important role in Egypt history they made it richer with their musicians, artists and sincere economists who helped building Egypt economy. Shaloom! Amro
Name : Clement Issaevitch
Last address in Egypt : 21 Sh.Cheikh El Barakat Garden City, Cairo
Present address : 50 Goodrich Street, Bentleigh East (vic) 3165, AUSTRALIA
email address : clem_is
Comments: :
It's good to remember the good times as well as the bad ones, one had in the land of the Backshish
Name : becky franco
Last address in Egypt : 55 ibrahim pasha
Present address : los manzanos 315-sanisidro-lima-peru
email address :
Comments: :
very happy to have this site. I graduated from St.. Clare school in 1954.please contact me any of my friends from school or elsewhere. I live in Lima, Peru. Shalom
Name : Sharon Cook-Abbas
Last address in Egypt :
Present address :
email address :
Comments: :
I'm not an Egyptian, but an American with some Lebanese ancestry. As of late, I have been quite curious about the history and present situation of Arab-Jews. After some inquiry this site was mentioned. I really have enjoyed searching through it.


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