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Name : MOUSTACCHIS, Armand
Last address in Egypt : BAB EL LOUK
Present address : PARIS
Date : 30/12/2004
email address :
Comments : je suis nee en 1948 au Caire. Jai fait mes études au collège des Frères à Bab El Louk, et je souhaite avoir des nouvelles de mes amis et camarades de classe.

Last address in Egypt : RUE TATWIG, ALEXANDRIE
Present address : BEER-SHEV, ISRAEL
Date : 26.12.04
email address :
Comments : Pendant l'annee 1949 j,ai enseigne lhebreu au Lycee de lunIon Juive et a lecole de MEENACHE. Ceux qui se rappellent cette epoque priere detre en contact. merci d'avance
Last address in Egypt : RUE TATWIG 102 ALEXANDRIE
Present address : BEER-SHEVA, ISRAEL
Date : 25/12/04
email address :
Comments : Pendant lannee 1949 jai enseigne lhebreu a lecole de lunion Juive et a lecole de Menache. Jai eu mon baccalauriat egyptien delecole Maimonides a camps Cesar.
Name : Mathew Brandt
Last address in Egypt :
Present address : Haifa, Israel
Date : 25.12.04
email address :
Comments : looking for Jacob Sabio who lived in Cairo in 1945.
Name : rossi raoul
Last address in Egypt : immobilia
Present address : 146 bd montparnasse paris
Date : 12 /12 / 2004
email address :
Comments : victor emmanuel rossi bey father of gaston rossi architect i'm his son.
Name : Sandra Cook Gamboa
Last address in Egypt : 3, Sharia El Rayan
Present address : Warner Robins, Georgia USA
Date : December 09, 2004
email address :
Comments : I lived in Heliopolis from 1946 to 1949 and then again from 1952 to 1956 when we were evacuated due to the Suez Crisis. I attended St. Clares College, English School Cairo and LImmaculee Concepcion des soeurs armeniennes. We were founding members of the A...
Name : Howard Brodsly
Last address in Egypt :
Present address : Haifa Israel
Date : 3 December 2004
email address :
Comments : I am looking to obtain access to the registry of the identified gravs. My wifes grandfather was buried in Cairo in 24-25. I would apprciate any assistance. Thank you and warm regards.
Name : Amira Said nee Assabgy
Last address in Egypt : 60 Sh Nassouh Zeitoun Cairo
Present address : Richmond VA 23060
Date : 27-Nov-2004
email address :
Comments : attended St Clairs College & English Mission College. Graduated Cairo Univ 63. Great site saw so many familiar names. it was a whole unique way of life. What nostalgia. Would love to hear from any St Clarians
Name : SCIUTO, Roger
Last address in Egypt : 9 rue Adly CAIRO
Present address : 9, rue de la Chapelle 69009 LYON France
Date : 26/12/04
email address :
Comments : Cest un plaisir et un joie de pouvoir remémorer de vieux souvenirs de mon pays natal, lEgypte. Amicalement Roger Sciuto
Name : Beinisch
Last address in Egypt : 9 sharia abou bakr, zamalek.cairo
Present address : 35 bd inkermann,92200, neuilly france
Date : 24/11/2004
email address :
Comments : interessant, espere trouver, 55 ans plus tard, des amis. ne en 1943 a Zamalek je recherche des amis du Lycee francais du Caire que jai quitte en 1956.
Name : Elliot V. Galanti
Last address in Egypt : 6 Sh. El Ezbekieh
Present address : 19 Jessamine St. Dianella, W.A. 6059 - Australia
Date : Born : 06 June 1939 in Alexandria
email address :
Comments : Ex student of the College des freres De La Salle - Bab-el-Louk - Daher Somehow we are richer for having lived in Egypt during this glorious era - Just sorry it is the end of a CHAPTER
Name : abraham (aby) mihalovich
Last address in Egypt : rue thanis alexandria
Present address : 6/49 bennett st bondi nsw 2026 australia
Date : 19 11 2004
email address :
Comments : love to get news from freinds that use to know my familythat use to live in sporting alexandria
Name : Andre Baroukh
Last address in Egypt : 206, Rue Tanis-Alexandrie
Present address : R. Iubatinga,145
Date : 03/112004
email address :
Comments : I would like to keep in touch and receive bassatine letters.
Name : Lital
Last address in Egypt : Zamalik
Present address : Berkeley
Date : 11.2.2004
email address :
Comments : Salaam, thank you Samir and Carmen for this site -- I have been following it for a while but have not written before. Its great. I am looking for Nelly (Farag?) the granddaughter of Murad Farag. I understand she was last living in the Philadelphia area.
Name : Tony Moussalli
Last address in Egypt :Chatby
Present address : Bucks
Date : Oct 04
email address :
Comments : There are places I remember all my life though some have changed, some forever, not for better. Some have gone and some remain. All these places have their moments with lovers and friends.
Name : Ben and Sandy Zupan
Last address in Egypt : 10 Road 6 Maadi
Present address : 5351 La Casa Circle, Boynton Beach, Fl. USA
Date : Oct. 25. 2004
email address :
Comments :
Name : Ali
Last address in Egypt : Midan El-Hegaz
Present address : Montreal-CANADA
Date : 20-10-2004
email address :
Comments : I really appreciate this site..very nformative..and has lots of news on the so-called LA BELLE EPOQUE de lEGYPTE..i wish I was born then...(36 yrs ago).
Last address in Egypt : NONE
Present address : 1056 PEACHTREE DR. LAKE PLACID, FL 33852
Date : 10-20-04
email address : NONE
Comments : great site. Also suggest you go to search-khazars(eye opening subject). May we all learn to live in peace.
Name : Mona Chamuel
Last address in Egypt : Oba, Egypt
Present address : Massachusetts
Date : 10/18/2004
email address :
Comments : I was born in 48, attended Lycee Bab El Louk from 1957-1962. I have some class pictures which will be posting soon. If you recognize anyone ....that would be great.
Name : SCIUTO Roger
Last address in Egypt : 9 rue Adly CAIRO
Present address : 9, rue de la Chapelle 69009 LYON France
Date : 24 AUGUST 2004
email address :
Comments : Very interesting web-site. Where and how is it possible to buy the books written by Samir Rifat?
Name : S. Abadi
Last address in Egypt : Heliopolis
Present address : Israel
Date : 2.8.04
email address :
Comments : My nickname Kouka looking for a friend who left Israel in 1955. We used to be in same regiment GIVATI his name was Victor Dayan "Toto".
Name : Sabatino Mustacchi
Last address in Egypt : Rue Emadeldine, Caire (en face ADES)
Present address : 35rue ZALMAN ARAN holon il
Date : 31 08 2004
email address : sabatino@013/
Comments : La nostalgie du passé. Suis hereux d'avoir cette ocasion de joindre a vous MERCI.
Name : Esther Wahba
Last address in Egypt : none
Present address : Missouri
Date : 7-21-04
email address :
Comments : Was looking at your site. Am curious about my father's side of the family. I don't know my father very well or his siblings. I'm sure I have cousins out there somewhere. Would love to learn more about my family. Can anybody help me?

Name : Sherif Nashaat
Last address in Egypt :
Present address : 75 Gamal El Din Dwidar St., Nasr City, Cairo
Date : 14/07/04
email address :
Comments : As an Egyptian, I was greatly amazed to find that there's an existing Jewish community in Egypt. I cannot explain to you how happy I am for such a discovery. I used to read about the good old days in the first half of the 20th century.
Name : Nissim Levi (Albagli)
Last address in Egypt : my parents lived in egypt and move to isreal right before i was born
Present address : miami, Fl USA
Date : July 13th 2004
email address :
Comments : My mothers name was Ruth Albagli before marrying my father Victor Levy. Currently trying to find Albagli family connections, mainly descendants of my uncle Charles Albagli who was in the French Legion. He had at least two children.
Name : Sami Ambar
Last address in Egypt : Rue Cherif Pasha
Present address : New York
Date : July 4th, 2004
email address :
Comments : Just wanted to add how happy I am that you are saving the Cemetery. When I was in Egypt in '78 my father's cousin advised me not to go. Egyptian friends of ours were kind to go and they told us it was impossible to find the graves of our relatives.
Name : Mohamad Salama
Last address in Egypt : Helwan
Present address : Long Island, NY
Date : 07/03/04
email address :
Comments : An absolutely great site. U've done very good work. I'm looking for anyone of our wonderful Egyptian Jewish community who used to live in Helwan. I'll be glad to hear from U or any Egyptian Jews.
Name : Sami
Last address in Egypt : Immobilia Bldg, Cherif Street, Cairo
Present address : New York
Date : July 1st
email address :
Comments : Please discuss the Maimonides Synagogue where Jews would spend the night for a miracle. My dad would take me there. I was small but I remember vaguely.
Name : Silvana Tawaf nee d'Ancona
Last address in Egypt : 22 Boutros Ghali St., Heliopolis
Present address : baulkahm hills, Sydney, Australia
Date : 29june2004
email address :
Comments : I was at St Claires College Heliopolis. Born 1951 left in '66. Anyone who remembers me from school please contact me I'd love to hear from you.
Name : ABRAM
Last address in Egypt : Abdel Khalek Sarwat Pacha, Cairo
Present address : Paris
Date : 25/06/04
email address :
Comments : I'm the granddaughter of Dario Abram et Renée Azgour. Looking for information about my family in Egypt. Thank you very much.
Name: Lillian Massoud
Last address in Egypt: Heliopolis
Present address: Montreal Canada
Date:17-10 -2004
email address:
Comments: Would love to hear from old schoolfriends-English Mission College, grad.1949. Especially Suzy Skinazi (Tarika), Ofrah Yitshar, Vivian Tedeschi, Micheline Favarger, Rosemary Schweitzer, Ida Pilosof and any others spread out the whole world over.
Name: Nicole Treves
Last address in Egypt: 5 Rue Boustan, Le Caire
Present address:
Date: Le 17 Octobre 2004
email address:
Comments: Je suis professeur/retraité auprès de Luniv. Dalhousie (Canada) et une grand-mère gaga!! Bravo pour votre site. Je suis née en 1936 au Caire et suis partie en Décembre 57. Jaimerais retrouver des ami(e)s du Lycée Français du Caire (Bacs: années 1952 et 53), et en particulier Annie Couture, Marie-Claire Debien, Micheline Choulet et Jaqueline Saragossi, et de luniversité Américaine du Caire (BSc.56). Mary Khoury entre autres..
Name: Andrée Lévy Abramoff
Last address in Egypt: souk-el-tewfekieh
Present address: new york city
Date: 10/16/04
email address:
Comments: I was born in Cairo in 36. Attended the Lycée Français. Married Alexandrian Charlie Abramoff in Paris in 58, came to the US with him in 59. Would love to hear from former lycéennes of that same period. Am very proud of my Egyptian-Jewish heritage and of my roots. I was born in 36 and attended the Lycée Français in Cairo. Left Egypt in 57, lived in Paris, then moved to NYC in 59.
Name: Afoumado Léon
Last address in Egypt: 5 rue Emir Kadarar Bab El Louk
Present address: France
Date: 08.10.2004
email address:
Comments: Message pour Sabatino Mustacchi Impossible de vous joindre sur votre e-mail. Merci de me contacter jai une photo et des souvenirs.... Léon
Name: Rosenberg Tania
Last address in Egypt: Midan Soliman Pacha Le Caire
Present address: 9 rue de la Chapelle 69009 Lyon
Date: 29 09 2OO4
email address:
Comments: née en 1941 cherche copines du lycée français du Caire -épouse de Roger Sciuto.
Name: Bensimon Elie
Last address in Egypt: rue Daramalli Le Caire
Present address: Chemin du Lozet 3O4OO, Villeneuve les Avignon
Date: 29 Septembre 2OO4
email address:
Comments: je suis né le 12 09 1935 au Caire. Jai fait mes études au Lycée Français du Caire, et je souhaite avoir des nouvelles de mes amis et camarades de classe années 50.
Name: Noemi Sophia Azoubel
Last address in Egypt: ?
Present address: San Antonio, Texas
Date: spt 24, 2004
email address:
Comments: what a wonderful place to see the city and learn about the culture. i hope we can contiue to preserve our heritage and be able to view all of the precious documents found in egypt. thanks
Last address in Egypt: RUE KASR EL NIL, LE CAIRE
Present address: TORONTO, CANADA
Date: 24 SEPTEMBRE 2004
email address:
Name: Albert Anaf
Last address in Egypt: RUE GOMROG EL ADIM 35
Date: 13/9/04
email address:
Comments: je suis en israel depuis 10/1959. j'et fait mes etudes au lycee de l union juif.
Name: Cristina Toma
Last address in Egypt:
Present address: Bucharest, Romania
Date: 01.09.2004
email address:
Comments: Very intersting site. Kol Ha-Kavod!Today exists Jews in Cairo? If I will visit Egypt I can see grave of Moshe ben Maimon, RaMbaM? Bracha Cristina
Name: Elliot Victor Galanti
Last address in Egypt: 6 Sh. El Guenena el Ezbekieh - Cairo
Present address: 19 Jessamine Street - Dianella W.A. 6059 Australia
Date: 31st. August 2004
email address:
Comments: I left Cairo in 1956 for Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) on the 30th 0f June 1956 - It was a holiday unfortunately I never went back and I pined for Egypt over all the years - Anyhow now in Australia a Zimbabwe also went for the dogs Cest la vie nest ce pas???
Name: Rony Savatovsky
Last address in Egypt: Safia Zaghloul Boul.,Alexandria
Present address: Montreal, Canada
Date: August, 30th 2004
email address:
Comments: This is a very interesting site where we could find or through which we could get to find old friends and make new ones. Terrific idea and work. CHAPEAU aux auteures.
Name: Mireille Peluso nee Vivanter
last address in Egypt:Heliopolis St, Camp de Cesar, Alexanria
Present address:2195 Mercer St, Baldwinsville NY 13027, USA
Date:june 13, 2004
Comments:I graduated from Scottish School for Girls in 1955. Would like to communicate with any of my schoolmates or anyone who knew me.
Name: Philippe Alexandre Georges
last address in Egypt:4, Sharia Helmieh Heliopolis
Present address:Montreal, Canada
Date:10th.June 2004
email address:philippegeorges @
Comments:Would very like to hear from anyone who attended my old school English Mission College,Qubba Palace. I was there till I left Eygpt in 1951. I am also looking for the history of the School.
Name: Dr George Aristidou
last address in Egypt:41 Rue Baron Empain.Heliopolis
Present address:1959 Dandenong Rd 3168 Melbourne Australia
Comments:I attended English Mission College Qubeh. GCE 1962. Would love to hear from any classmates or any other friends from the good old days.
Name: César Ades
last address in Egypt:51 rue Falaki, Cairo
Present address:R. Pamplona 825/34 Sao Paulo, Brazil. Zip code: 01405-001
Date:June 4, 2004
Comments:I was born in 1943 in Cairo Egypt and left to Brazil in 1958. I was very glad to find this newsletter from Egypt: it was like recovering very dear memories.
Name: Silvana lowry
last address in Egypt:Kasr El Nil
Present address:!/22 Highbury Grove, Kew, Melbourne
Date:26 May 2004
Comments:I would like some information of the Forti family from Lugo Ravenna and Trieste, Italy. my grandfather Ettore Moise Forti was born in Trieste and migrated to Alxandria in the 1800s.
Name:Viviane Douek
last address in Egypt:12 rue daramalli le caire
Present address:normandy, france
Date:24 mai 2004
Comments:je suis tombée sur votre site en cherchant le mien sur ou Je suis émerveillée par tous ces noms! le mien au Caire cétait Viva Cazès ,Lycée Français du Caire ,TTC, éclaireuses, et BONHEUR!!!
Name:John Downe
last address in Egypt:Roushdy, Alex 1985/6
Present address:Manama, Bahrain
Date:20 May 2004
Comments:I visited Cairo about 12 years ago and was fascinated by the synagogue. A very kindly gentleman, Jack Joffe, took the time to show me around and the meories have never left me. Great site!
Name:Kathleen Wilson
last address in Egypt:mother lived in Port Said
Present address:Santa Barbara, CA
Comments:To see a photo of Samuel Levy and 1920-1937 album of Port Said childhood and a larger selectionof information at Thanks for your great work!
Name: Mary Abela
last address in Egypt:Port Said
Present address:Santa Barbara, CA
Comments: My mother, Mary Abela, was born in Port Said, Egypt, in 1920. She now lives in Santa Barbara, CA, and is doing well. Her best friend was Samuel Levy. She left for America in 1937 and after about a year, lost touch with him. They shared happy experiences.
Name: Joseph Hakim
last address in Egypt:13 rue sesostris Alexandrie
Present address:HaKarkom 3/A jerusalem
Comments:je suis tres emu et tres impressionne de trouver ce site!
Name: Mike Bianco
last address in Egypt:None
Present address:USA
Comments: Related? Bianco was Weitz in Portugal then moved to Austria Rachel Karaim, Solomon, Joseph, Morris, Victor, Max, Edward, Marie Loulie, or Isaac Zaki Bianco. My great grandfather was Solomon Bianco and he married Rachel Kraim. According to legend, his family may have been related to Andreas Bianco (1400s) who was a great Cartographer. Go to:
Name: Ronald Cicurel
last address in Egypt:Zamalek
Present address:Geneva, Switzerland
Date:May 2004
Comments:My family left Egypt in 56. I was 11 years old and obviously did not realize or understand what was happening to Egypt, egyptian Jews, my family and my life. I am the son of late Salvatore Cicurel. We ended up in Switzerland.
Name: Albert Bentata
last address in Egypt:47 Falaki Babel Louk
Present address:Melbourne Australia
Date:5 May 2004
Comments:Ah, souvenirs!
Name: Israel Bonan
last address in Egypt:55 Noubar Pasha
Present address:Framingham MA USA
Comments:Enjoyed tremendously the site and the pull of nostalgia,
Name: Menashe Sauani
last address in Egypt:Chart Al Yahood, Chosh Al Soof 10
Present address:Rishon Le Zion
Comments:My name is Yosef I live in Detroit, MI U.S. and I am working on writing a novel. My dad lived in above address and left at very young age in the late 40s. My interest is in Egypt and the Jewish community there during the above era.
Name: Ola Last address in Egypt:
Present address:
Date:22 April 2004
Comments:Great to find that the memories are still alive. Egypt was once a place where Egyptians were just Egyptians no matter whether they were Jewish, Christian and or Muslim. It is sad to see how Egypts cosmopolitanism and diversity is fading.
Name: Adriana
last address in Egypt:24A El Nadi El Gedid New Maadi Egypt
Present address:Albuquerque New Mexico
Date:April 14, 2004
Comments:Like to hear from Margret Fetian, Safeenaz Shaker, or any friends from the old school of Amira Fawziah or Faculty Of Arts in Cairo University in late 50s and early 60s.
Name: Janty (nee Boshi) Lindsey
last address in Egypt:Heliopolis, 18 Boutros Pasha Gali
Present address:Sarasota, florida.
Comments:looking news of Norah (nee Dugan) and her sister May Carnegie . Thank you for such possible contact with old friends & families.
Name: Israel Bonan
last address in Egypt:Bab El Look
Present address:Framingham MA USA
Comments:Lived in Cairo until 1967, Six days war. I documented my Personal Exodus story, for any one interested to read it:
Name: SCIUTO Tania
last address in Egypt:1 Midan Soliman Pacha
Present address:9, rue de la Chapelle 69009 LYON France
Comments:Je suis née ROSENBERG Tania au Caire le 25 Juin 1941. Jai fait mes études au Lycée Français du Caire jusquen 1956. En 1957 jai quitté lEgypte avec mes parents. Je me suis mariée avec un juif dEgypte - Roger SCIUTO. Nous vivons à Lyon depuis 20 ans après. keep up the good work.
Name: Georges Mounir Habib
last address in Egypt:314 Teraa Boulakia St
Present address:Vancouver, Canada
Date:April 1/2004
Comments: T graduated from College De La Salle (1967) I would like to contact anyone who went to this College. P.S. Great Site.
Name: Nagui Yassa
last address in Egypt:Heliopolis
Present address:Ft. Lauderdale - Florida
Date:March 23, 04
Comments: Born in 1949, went to college des freres, Heliopolis till 1962, Suez till 1967, Montreal till 1989 and now in Ft. Lauderdale - Florida USA.... would like to get in touch with old friends and school mates.
Name: Helen Souvleris
last address in Egypt:
Present address:USA
Comments: left a message last year and am now updating my new email address, all other info is the same.
Name: Sabry Gohara, M.D.
last address in Egypt:197 Ramses Street (Malika Nazli), Cairo
Present address:2365 Evergreen Rd. Tikedo, Ohio , USA 43606
Date:March 16, 2004
Comments: Oh what a beautiful memory of a beautiful city!
Name: Senerman Sylvia
last address in Egypt:
Present address:Florida, USA
Date:March 6, 2004
Comments:Looking for our dear friends Linette and Souma Baruok in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Best regards, Simon and Sylvia Senerman.
Name: Abraham Mourad
last address in Egypt: Heliopolis
Present address: Sydney Australia
Comments: Just revealed this Site. Sounds interesting and informative.
Name : Jerry Kritzman
Last address in Egypt :
Present address : 200 Ulaino Rd Maui, Hawaii USA
Date : 3/2/04
email address :
Comments : I enjoyed you website, congratulations.
Name :Dina gevirtsman nee Agi
Last address in Egypt : 184 rue khedive ismail-Caire
Present address : natania-israel
Date : 24 02 2004
email address :
Comments : Cest avec plaisir et emotion que je visite votre site.Tant de noms me sont familiers .Je suis emue jusquau larmes.Merci
Name : MORDO
Last address in Egypt : NONE
Present address : LONDON/BARCELONA
Date : 21.02.04
email address :
Comments : My father is of Greek/Italian origin from Cairo and my mother of Turkish Spanish origin from Alexandria. Am 40 and living in London and am looking to make friends with people of similar roots
Name : Philippe Iskander (Georges)
Last address in Egypt : 4,Sharia Helmiah Heliopolis
Present address : Montreal Canada
Date : 30/02/2004
email address :
Comments : I was born in Heliopolis July 1937,I attended English Mission College at Qubba, I left Egypt in 1951 for the United Kingdom. Would like to hear from anyone how attended EMC during the period. Have lost track of the various members of the family.
Name : Peter Roman (Roseman)
Last address in Egypt : Rue 13, Maadi
Present address : Gan Haim, Israel
Date : 13/02/04
email address :
Comments : Great to get into your website. Wonderful work and takes me to my youth. Educated at the English School Cairo (Heliopolis) and left Egypt in 1955. Anyone remembering me please contact me on my email.
Name : Mary Gabbai Petrook
Last address in Egypt : 1Rue Bank Misr
Present address : Rehov Weizman3/9 Herzlia israel
Date : 13 february 2004
email address : il
Comments : left Egypt in February 1956 at age 19. lived 25 years in Australia and then moved to Israel. would like to find out if others that i know have signed on so that I can contact them.
Name : caroline levy
Last address in Egypt : sakakini cairo
Present address : london
Date : 8/02/04
email address :
Comments : Am writing on behalf of my mother (daughter of Marc Leon Levy and Rachelle Ambar) who left Egypt in 1946 to marry my father Edward Underdown and move to India. Does anyone remember her and have any news of our family?
Name : Mona
Last address in Egypt : El- Sherif
Present address : Berkeley
Date : 02/04/04
email address :
Comments : I am glad that you are working to keep alive an essential part of Egypts, once, pluralist history... I would love to see Egypt, once again, a place where Muslims, Christians and Jews coexist sans bruit! All my best, Mona
Name : Nanette Vidal
Last address in Egypt : Soliman Pacha-Cairo
Present address : Italy Milan
Date : 4-02-04
email address :
Comments : Very pleasant site. Jaimerai retrouvèe les compagne et compagnons de Jadis. J'ai quitter en 1957.
Name : serre née eman anne marie
Last address in Egypt : 6 sh.guezireh zamalek le caire
Present address : charpenay69460blace france
Date : 04février 2004
email address :
Comments : je voudrais retrouver mes amies denfance,1956,57,58 chez les soeurs franciscaines de kasr el nil:fardos naguib,viviane el boutari,frosine, isis boutros, maizy risk, et les autres....
Last address in Egypt : Alexandria
Present address : Montreal,Quebec
Date : Feb 2/ 2004
email address :
Comments : My family left Alexandria for France in 1956. We resettled in Canada in 1963. My Father is Eliot Gallico. My mother is Yvonne Souci. I'm married to Michael Herman and have 2 lovely children. Love to hear from long lost friends and relatives.
Name : Mary Megalli
Last address in Egypt : 4 Aisha el Taymouriya, Garden City
Present address : same
Date : Feb. 4, 2004
email address :
Comments : Id like to have a complete set of the Bassatine journal. I enjoyed observing Nimet Riad's restoration work at the Ben Ezra, and hope that her passing was noted by the community.
Name : Eli Mann
Last address in Egypt :
Present address : 9 Chel Nashim Jerusalem Israel
Date : february 3rd 2004
email address :
Comments : Madame Weinstein you are doing a wonderful job. Thanks a LOT
Name : Menasce
Last address in Egypt : 68 rue Nouzha Héliopolis
Present address : 6 Fitzroy Sq - London
Date : 29/01/2004
email address :
Comments : Des camarades de classe du LFE, classe de 3ème en 1956 ?
Name : Cedric Carton
Last address in Egypt : 21 sharia Kasr El Nil
Present address : 6 rue du Parc, 74100 Annemasse, FRANCE
Date : January 23, 2004
email address :
Comments : I am a descendant of Palacci, some of whom have been in contact with you, I believe. I am currently constructing our family tree and that is how I came across your fabulous publication.
Last address in Egypt : Sh. esh Shahid Salah Mustafa, Alexandria
Present address : via Neto n08 Torvajanica ROME - ITALY
Date : 21/01/2004
email address :
Comments : It was a really pleasure read today this site!!! I am the grandson of JACQUES CASTRO, died in Alexandria the 10 June 1939, he was a lawyer of Mixed Courts (now he would be buried in Chatby Cemetery in Alexandria together his wife ELIANA CURIEL.
Name : Emma Zevik
Last address in Egypt : Giza
Present address : current
Date : Jan 15 2004
email address :
Comments : please keep in touch with me - Am particularly interested in music and dance. Am teaching a new course at AUC called world music and would welcome the opportunity to include music from the local Jewish community in my course. 010-300-6413
Name : Hédy
Last address in Egypt : Gershony
Present address : Paris - France
Date : 16 Janvier 2004
email address :
Comments : Dans ce monde de technologie avancée, où tout va si vite, il fait bon de savoir que certaines personnes sont là, tenaces, mettant toute leurs énergie afin de préserver et nous remémorer nos origines.
Name : Alfonso Soued
Last address in Egypt : Heliopolis
Present address : Miami Florida
Date : Jan/16/2004
email address :
Comments : I was born in Egypt son of Elie Soued and Margot Boshi Soued, who left Egypt to Venezuela on 1948, with my other sisters Gladys and Emily. Are there any relatives around to enter in contact?
Name : Carole Mizan
Last address in Egypt : Ghizeh
Present address : Paris
Date :
email address :
Comments : Je suis née au Caire. Mon père Jacques Mizan (ou Misan) et ma mère Becky née Hemsy (ou Hemsi)ous avons quitté lEgypte en Sept. 1949. Je souhaite renouer avec dautres membres de la famille ou des amis de mes parents. Merci de mécrire.
Last address in Egypt : RUSHDI RAMLE
Present address : MIAMI FLORIDA
Date : 4.01.2004
email address :
Comments :
Name : Lana (Goliger) Woolf
Last address in Egypt : 37 kasr El Nil Street, Cairo
Present address : 9 Weldon lane, Woollahra, Sydney, Australia
Date : 3-1-2004
email address :
Comments : Enjoyed our reunion in Paris in 2002- hoping for one in 2005-in New York- Ecrivez-moi si vous etiez dans notre classe - au lycee du Caire-on a quitte a l`age de 13 ans en 1956-


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Jewish Community Council (JCC) of Cairo
# 13 Sabil El Khazindar Street
Midan al-Geish, Abbassia, Cairo

tel: +20 2 2482-4613 - tel/fax +20 2 2736-9639
mobile: 0122 2115915
from outside Egypt call
+20 122 2115915

Shaar Hashamayim Synagogue @ 17 Adly Street, downtown Cairo
open daily 10:00 to 15:00
Friday 10:00 to 17:00
Sunday closed

Ben Ezra Synagogue in Fostat (Old Cairo)
open daily 09:00 to 16:00

For visits to other Cairo synagogues or Bassatine Cemetery contact JCC

The JEWISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL of ALEXANDRIA (JCCA president: Youssef Ben Gaon) can be reached by email at:
and by telephone on +20 3 484-6189 or +20 3 486-3974 or by ordinary mail at
No. 69 Nebi Daniel Street, Alexandria, Egypt

please note the Jewish Community Council of Alexandria is an independent entity separate from the Jewish Community Council of Cairo

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