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Name :   REDA
Last address in Egypt :   
Present address :   PARIS
Date :   28/12/03
email address :
Comments :   Meilleurs Voeux à toute la communauté juive du Caire et à toutes les autres communautés. Santé,Paix et Fraternité.

Name :   Bettina born jacoel. married name Arzt
Last address in Egypt :   Port-Said,Egypt
Present address :   Long Island ,N,Y,
Date :   12/03
email address :
Comments :   I, also have wonderful memories of my time in Egypt.but I left after the war of 1956. If someone knows or remember the Jacoel, Sahalon,families of Cairo,please let me know. thanks.
Name :   Abeer
Last address in Egypt :   
Present address :   
Date :   
email address :
Comments :   laila mourad was agreat singer and i loved her so much her voice was like a breath in a hot day.her death is great lose for egypt and all the peapl who loved to listen to her voice.merci for her
Name :   carmen
Last address in Egypt :   in Egypt
Present address :   in EGYPT
Date :   18/12/2003
email address :
Comments :   Pour Denise Moreno. Ton e-mail ne marche pas. Notre tel. est 0101438037 ou bien 3935896. Envoies nous le-mail exact. Merci
Name :   jack evans
Last address in Egypt :   maadi
Present address :   2025 arbor Ln Mound MN
Date :   54-55
email address :   
Comments :   If there still are a few left who remember the good old days at Cairo American School Id be very glad to hear from them!
Name :   samuel misan
Last address in Egypt :   rue de france
Present address :   sao paulo brazil
Date :   24 /jan /2004
email address :
Comments :   i was born in alexandria i loved egypt
Name: Charles Hamwee
Last address in Egypt:
Present address : Hartsdale, NY, USA
Date: Dec.16, 2003
email address:
Comments: Just came across your site. I am looking for anyone who may know about families with surnames Bassini in Egypt and Hamaoui or Hamawy in Egypt and Syria. My father was Mayer Joseph Hamaoui, born in Aleppo in 1900 and migrated to Cairo at a very young age.
Name: Moreno Denise
Last address in Egypt: Le Caire
Present address : Paris
Date: 15/12/2003
email address:
Comments: Je desirerai avoir le numero de telephone de Mme Carmen Esther WEINSTEIN. Merci de me repondre au plus vite. Denise. Je vous embrasse.
Name: Jacques Daniel
Last address in Egypt: 3 Secket el Medanen, Qubah Palace, Cairo
Present address : 7028 Portage Rd., Dublin, California, USA
Date: Decenber 14 20003
email address:
Comments:Was put in prison in 1967 (Six Day War) and expelled. In Alexandria a German ship picked about 15 of us and being Italian I was delivered in Rome, Italy. God bless America, I'm a yankee doodle dandy.
Name: LEVY Léon
Last address in Egypt: 33 Rue Ibrahim, Héliopolis
Present address : 26 Rue dEaubonne, F-95100
Date: 14 Dec 2003
email address:
Comments: Je suis né au Caire en 1939.Jai vécu en Egypte jusquen 1964 à Héliopolis.Jai fréquenté lécole primaire Abraham Btesh dHéliopolis puis le Lycée Franco-Egyptien dHéliopolis et enfin l'Université du Caire à Guizeh (faculté dIngéniérie).
Name: Falesitch Hans
Last address in Egypt: Gordon House Ramleh Station Alexandria
Present address : Monts Lavaux 464 - CH 1090 La Croix-sur-Lutry Switzerland
Date: Dec 13. 2003
email address:
Comments: I was very much moved to read the names of some of the people I knew at the time. I left Alexandria in 1950 and after many years of travel around the world, I now live in Switerland. Should anyone remember me, etfaldal, get in touch.
Name: Hadass Douek
Last address in Egypt: My Father was born there
Present address : Los Angeles/New York
Date: December 11, 2003
email address:
Comments: Hi My name is Hadass Douek, and my father was born in Egypt. I know that the Douek family is very big and would like to hear from my relatives. It would be nice to meet new family members and hear their story. Please feel free to email me.
Name: Dr. David B.H. MENITZ
Last address in Egypt: Meryland, Helliopolis
Present address : P.O. Box 24967, CY 1306 Nicosia, CYPRUS
Date: 7-12-2003
email address:
Comments: The site and the efforts are great in a not so friendly to us society, very very sad, that we could not leave together as half brothers should, both sons of Avraam, Ibrahim Abuna. Alehu ha salam oua al Baraka. I, my Father, were born in Cairo.
Name: Kimberly
Last address in Egypt: unknown
Present address : Pennsylvania
Date: 12/05/03
email address: undisclosed
Comments: My fathers name is David Benyaker, I understand our original name is Benyacar from Egypt. Please help!
Name: Alexandra Nagirner
Last address in Egypt:
Present address : Russia
Date: 3.12.2003
email address:
Comments: nice to see the site! I will be in Cairo this winter and look forward visiting the synagogue and some of community perhaps. thanks!
Name: Sebeo
Last address in Egypt: Isis building Cairo
Present address : Paris France
Date: 2.12.2003
email address:

Name: Hinda
Last address in Egypt:
Present address : San Francisco Bay Area, California USA
Date: Dec 1, 2003
email address:
Comments: I have been doing research on Jews in the Diaspora. I have a daughter that wishes to be Bat Mitzvahed and has been joining me in the research of Jews in Egypt. I would love to know more -- and perhaps assist in any way I can with your goals.
Name: Cicurel Paul Joseph
Last address in Egypt: 19 sh. Gabalaya, Zamalek, Cairo
Present address : 2127 Brickell Ave., Ste. 2401, Miami, FL 33129 - USA
Date: Nov. 30, 2003
email address:
Comments: I am the son of Rene Cicurel (1916 - )and Maggy Harari (1922 - 2002). I was born in 1945. In 1978, I married Leslie J. Engel later divorced her), and we had a daughter: Nathalie Pauline Cicurel, born 1982.
Name: Mark (Marco) Levy
Last address in Egypt:
Present address : Marin County, California
Date: 11/30/2003
email address:
Comments: Born in Alexandria in 1939. Left Egypt in 1949, spent a year in France then on to Israel. Left Israel bound for California in 1960. While in Egypt, attended St. Andrews Scottish Boys School in Alexandria. Would love to make contact with Jews from Alexandria.
Name: THENEVIN Marie José
Last address in Egypt: Rue Ibrahim Pacha
Present address : Paris
Date: 29.11.2003
email address:
Comments: Would like to hear about friends of the Franciscaines School in Zamalek and from the Lycee Français du Caire. I left Cairo in 1956. I was ten.
Name : SCIUTO, Roger
Last address in Egypt : 9 Adly Street, Cairo
Present address : 9, rue de la Chapelle 69009 LYON, France
Date : 24 Novembre 2003
email address :
Comments : Je suis né au Caire le 11 Octobre 1935, jai frequente le Victoria College de Shoubrah et ensuite de Méadi. Mon épouse Tania (née Rosenberg) est également née au Caire le 25 Juin 1941 et elle recherche des camarades de classe du Lycée Français du Caire.
Name : Bellelis, Joseph
Last address in Egypt : Midan el Opera , Cairo
Present address : 12 rue francois ponsard/75116 paris-france
Date : 15/11/1948
email address :
Comments : looking for school friends at college des freres.

Name : Vivante Ibram (Albert)
Last address in Egypt : Camp Caesar, Alexandria
Present address : Israel
Date : as from 1949 (2003)
email address :
Comments : Studied St.Andrews Boys School Left Alexandria February 1949
Name : Rex Piha
Last address in Egypt : Abdel Khalek Sarwat Street, Cairo
Present address : Wilmington, Delaware
Date : NOV.1,2003
email address : REHU82080@AOL.COM
Comments : I left Cairo (where I was born ) in 1951, after graduating Victoria College in Maadi.
Name : Michael Haag
Last address in Egypt : none
Present address : London
Date : 29 October 2003
email address :
Comments : I would be grateful for any help in locating a photograph of Carlo (Joe) Suares of Alexandria and Paris, particularly one taken in the 1940s or earlier.
Name : Marysa Almiñana (Delia was my maiden name)
Last address in Egypt : not known
Present address : Boca Raton, Florida
Date : 10/27/2003
email address :
Comments : I was born in Egypt 51 years ago, my parents were Marcelle Vais & Menahem (Emile) Delia who in 1957 migrated to Caracas, Venezuela. I have 2 sisters Vivianne & Dina both still living in Caracas. I love to look back @ my ancestry.
Name : Onyeoru Onyeze FRED
Last address in Egypt : Alexandria
Present address : Present address: Toronto, Canada
Date : Date: Aprfil 8th 2003
email address :
Comments : Born in 1938, attended St Andrews School, then Alexandria University in Engineering. Member of Smouha and CICA clubs. Would love to hear from anyone who knew me.
Name : Cohen Sabban
Last address in Egypt : 1956
Present address : Marseille France
Date :
email address :
Comments : Bravo pour votre site, mon père était Maurice el Tabah du Caire qui possédait avec ses freres l’Hotel Aslan à Ras el Barr, Je recherche des contacts et des photos de cette periode.

Name : Claude Borreda
Last address in Egypt : rue gamra, Cairo
Present address : 37230 glade farm dr. Rehoboth,Delaware.19971

Date : 10/25/2003
email address :
Comments : I left Cairo when I was 13 years old. went to Israel in 1949 and came to the US in 1965.I still remember cairo like I was still there, exept the name of the streets have changed.

Name : Gil Kezwer
Last address in Egypt :
Present address : 1518 King St. W., Toronto, Canada
Date : Oct. 25, 2003
email address :
Comments : Very interesting website. Was pleased to read about the bar-mitzvah in Maadi in the summer of 2003.
Name : Marguerite Ziver
Last address in Egypt : 1 Rue El Saraya
Present address : Chevy Chase, Md.USA
Date : 10/19/03
email address :
Comments : Would also love to hear from students who attended the Lycee Francais du Caire from 1944 to 1954. I was in a class with the Carasso twins, Lucienne Molho and Francine Freimann.
Name : Albert Hefetz
Last address in Egypt : Ibrahim st No 33 Heliopolis
Present address : Hakalanit st 7 ramat-hasharon
Date : Oct.19 03
email address :
Comments : A very interesting revue giving a source of information for all the ex-egyptian jews.
Name : Elie Levy
Last address in Egypt : Sakakini
Present address : Israel
Date : 18 October 2003
email address :
Comments : Astonishing!
Name : Jocelyne Cohen
Last address in Egypt : Cairo, Immobilia Bldg., Cherif Pasha Street
Present address : Rome- Italy
Date : 10-10-2003
email address :
Comments : Je recherche un ami denfance appelé Jojo Sarfatti (Joseph, je suppose, je ne lai jamais su), initialement installé en France. Si qq.un sait ce quil est devenu, merci de me le signaler.
Name : Isaac Hazen (Hazzan)
Last address in Egypt : Alexandria, Egypt
Present address : Ohio, USA
Date : October 7, 2003
email address :
Comments : May G-D Bestow His Blessings upon you my fellow Egyptian Jews. My family left Alexandria, Egypt in 1956 to go to Italy and then to the USA. I was about 6 years old when we left Alexandria, but I have fond memories of my family life there.
Name : Zerriatte Reda
Last address in Egypt : el assafra alexandria
Present address : paris france
Date : 10.06.03
email address :
Comments : very happy to know that a jewish community is still alive in cairo. very moved while visiting ben ezra and happy to meet the jcc president.
with muslim bakground i respect very much all communities and find the diversity very enriching for all countries,
Name : Camille Oziel Tanatar
Last address in Egypt : unknown
Present address : cemil topuzlu cad.dr vasif sok.4/4 caddebostan/istanbul (Turkey)
Date : 07/10/2003
email address :
Comments : Iam granddaughter of David Lichaa (last khazan in Cairo)and Racshel Massouda Lichaa.
Name : Marc Eckmann
Last address in Egypt : Sharia Salamlik, Garden City
Present address : Vienna, Virginia, USA
Date : OCt. 45, 2003
email address :
Comments : Wow, it was wonderful to read about the two bar mitzvahs in Maadi this past summer. It give me hope amidst events in the Middle East that make me sad. I remember with great nostalgia the Myer Biton Synagogue, as well as the oratoire in Garden City.
Name : Abadi, Victor
Last address in Egypt : rue de france
Present address : montreal
Date : 3/10/2003
email address :
Comments : looking for friends and family who left alexandria between 1967 and 1971, would love to contact anyone who suffered the jailing of the jews at the abou zaabal prison in cairo , please contact me wih any info .
Name : Raymonde Setton
Last address in Egypt : rue borsa tewfikya no 10
Present address : Israel
Date : 2.10.03
email address :
Comments : Does somebody remember a French prof. in Lycee Francais (I think it was during 155/56) whos name was Dr. Hassan EL Nouty?
Name : Samir Shoucair
Last address in Egypt : 12 Rue Daramalli (Left in 1960)
Present address : Southern California
Date : Sep 29, 2003
email address :
Comments : What a great site.
Henri Molho, WHERE ARE YOU? We lost contact way back in 1960.
Name : Abdo (Ovadia) Salama
Last address in Egypt : 1 Sharia El Walda, Immeuble Osiris, Garden City, Cairo
Present address : 45 Tudor City Place, Apt. 1921, New York, NY 10017, USA
Date : September 2003
email address :
Comments : I have recently moved out of my last recorded address at Bassatine, from Sea Cliff (Long Island) to Manhattan. I live now just across the street from the United Nations Headquarters where I have been a staff member and Technical Cooperation Advisor.
Name : Levi Mazloum André
Last address in Egypt : Sh. Souk-el-Tewfekieh
Present address : Paris (France)
Date : 28 Sept 2003
email address :
Comments : Oû est le T.T.C.oû nous avons appris à nager grace à Ostas Hamdi et oû es tu Viviane Haïm comme toutes les filles dont nous étions amoureux? Parti en Aout 56 pour passer Math-elem à Paris. J'y suis resté jusquau jourdhui...Sinon, Lycée français du Caire et T.T.C.où jai appris à (bien) nager grace à Monsieur HAMDI et en compagnie de Messeca, Gilbert Orsini et tant dautres!
Name : Prof. Raymond Levy
Last address in Egypt : 11 Sh. Aboul Feddah, Zamalek
Present address : 4 Hillsleigh Road,London W87LE
Date : 26/09/2003
email address :
Comments : Shana Tova. Do you have any news about the renovations of the Maimonides Synagogue? Also, I am having trouble getting on to the Al Ahram weekly site.Has it changed? Give it to me if you can. I was very sad to of the death of Edward Said who was at school with me.
Name : Beinisch, Gérard
Last address in Egypt : 9 adel abou bakr caire
Present address : 35 bd inkermann 92200 neuilly sur seine france
Date : 21/09/03
email address :
Comments : je recherche des amis du caire ou dalexandrie que jai perdu de vue depuis si longtemps.
Name : Abram-Profeta
Last address in Egypt : 49, rue Falaki Bab el Louk
Present address : 18, rue de Sèvres 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt
Date : 17/09/03
email address :
Comments :
Name : Suzanne (Pompom) Dichy
Last address in Egypt : 46, rue el Falaky, Cairo
Present address : 82319 Starnberg, Germany
Date : 16.09.2003
email address :
Comments :
Name : Goldschmidt, Hans
Last address in Egypt : none
Present address : Schlossstrasse 22, 13507 Berlin/Germany
Date : 29.08.2003
email address :
Comments : I will be in Cairo from the 14th to the 21st Septemb. 2003, and I wish to get some contact with jews from Egypt, Im jewish an dlive in Germany. So, maybe there is someone who want to go in contact with me. I wait for answers.
Name : Michel (Mike) Toriel
Last address in Egypt : 52 Rue Zananiri Pacha, Cleopatra, Alexandria.
Present address : Israel
Date : 27.08.03
email address : o_toriel@netvision.
Comments : Bravissimo for the fantastic sire! I was born in Alexandria in 1938 and studied at the St Andrews School. I am looking for anyone from the Toriel and Shmul families as well as for any of the St Andrews graduates. I left Egypt in 1950 and settled in Israel.
Name : Joyce Zonana
Last address in Egypt : Heliopolis
Present address : 4617 Venus Street, New Orleans, LA 70122, USA
Date : August 24, 2003
email address :
Comments : I love this website and am so grateful to the JCC for maintaining it. I just had a wonderful, brief visit in Cairo, and was grateful for the chance to see Carmen Weinstein and to visit the Synagogue Rav Moshe. Looking forward to its restoration.
Name : Johannes Lundin
Last address in Egypt : Mahmoud Bassiouni Street
Present address :
Date :
email address :
Comments : Thank you for this wonderful homepage. May G-D bless the comunity!
Name : Rolande Cicurel
Last address in Egypt : ?
Present address : 139 old northwest road, East Hampton, NY 11937
Date : 08/20/03
email address :
Comments : though I left cairo when I was very young, this is very interesting
Name : Bentata Albert
Last address in Egypt : Cairo, Falaki St
Present address : Melbourne Australia
Date : 18/8/03
email address :
Comments :
Name : Sanoner-Bussenius Marie-José
Last address in Egypt : ----
Present address : Aix-en-Provence France
Date : 08/17/2003
email address :
Comments : I would be happy to contact my youth friend Gerard Mosseri-Marlio and his family. Richard and I still live in Provence and have a daughter Sophie (1968) who also lives and work in Aix. Your web site is most remarkable ! Bravo !
Name : Serre née Anne-Marie Eman
Last address in Egypt : 6 Rue el Guezireh, Zamalek, Le Caire
Present address : Charpenay 69460 Blacé, France
Date : 13-08-03
email address :
Comments : je voudrais retrouver mes amies denfance et de jeunesse: école de Zamalek,LFC,et surtout ecole des Soeurs Franciscaines de Kasr el Nil: 1956, 1957, 1958: Fardos Néguib, Viviane el Voutari, Isis, Albert Bivas et les autres! Je recherche aussi Mico Chassin du Guerny. 1956 été au club! Suis partie en 1958. Merci de me contacter tel 06 11646625 France.
Name : Albert Anaf
Last address in Egypt : 35 rue gomrog el adim, alexandrie
Present address : kiriat yam israel
Date : 7/03
email address :
Comments : Né à Alexandrie (Egypte) en 1945, albert anaf quitte sa ville natale en 1959 etude a lycee de lunion juiffe pour sinstaller en Israel.
Name : Raymonde Setton-Nahon
Last address in Egypt : 10 rue Borsa Tewfikya
Present address : Israel
Date : 31.7.2003
email address :
Comments : I always visits your web with a great pleasure and look for familiar names (it seems there are so many familiar names) so if someone remembers me please email
Name : Jacques Mayer
Last address in Egypt : 32 Gameh Charkass, Cairo
Present address : Montreal
Date : July 31 st 2003
email address :
Comments : Memories are made of this!! Je suis un ancien du Lycée du Caire et des éclaireurs de France. Je suis convaincu que nous appartenons à une génération dexcellence. Bravo à toute léquipe de Bassatine News
Name : Elie de Paz
Last address in Egypt : Alexandria
Present address : Montreal
Date :
email address :
Comments : would annybody remenber the de Paz familly from Alexandria? my father used to work at Credit Lyonnais bank,also at Rothenberg dept store in Manshisa near the Bourse.
Name : Michal Shalev
Last address in Egypt :
Present address : Tel Aviv Israel
Date : 30/7/2003
email address :
Comments : I'm an Israeli author (Rachels Vow and Hundred Winters). Im writing a Novel about Cairo. A family saga with strong Jewish and Muslim characters. Looking for people who lived in the 20s-30s-40s in Cairo especially in Hart-el-Yahud and also will welcome any
Name : Maurice and Andre Alfille
Last address in Egypt : 174 El Tahrir
Present address : 818 Ingleside PlaCE, Evanston, Illinois, 60201, U.S.A.
email address :
Comments : Father: Aron Alfille, Mother Iris Rolo. Maurice left Cairo in 1947 to study in California. Aron and Iris left in 1967 to join them. If you know our family, write!
Name : Bouvard Lauriane
Last address in Egypt : Rue 14, Maadi
Present address : Durban, South Africa
Date : 08/07/2003
email address :
Comments : J'ai vecu en Egypte pendant 5 ans, ca fait 5 ans que jy suis partie et ca me manque trop. J'ai adore. Cest une bonne idee d'avoir cree se cite car je recherche toujours des anciants camarades dEgypte.
Name : Elvira Costi de Dentes
Last address in Egypt : 21 Soliman Pasha St. , Cairo, Shaldjian Building by Passage Baehler
Present address : Caracas - Venezuela
Date : 04-07-03
email address :
Comments : Is there a possibility of finding my fathers tomb in the jewish cemetry? Grateful you inform if possible I shall give you further information. Thanks.
Name : Bialobos
Last address in Egypt : Alexandrie
Present address : 18, Avenue de LUnion B-4432 BELGIUM
Date : 29/06003
email address :
Comments : My father Victor BIALOBOS born January 1906, son of Jean BIALOBOS (died Cairo, 1922). Stays 14 years in Alexandrie. His 14th first years. I will be more than happy to be in contact with people who had known him at that time.
Name : Metaxia Philippatou
Last address in Egypt : 11, Mohamed Shafik, Heliopolis
Present address : Ioanninon 26-28,Gerakas,Athens Greece
Date : 24 June 2003
email address :
Comments : I went to School at St.Clare’s Heliopolis - left Egypt in 1961
Name : Davies Samuel
Last address in Egypt : 20 Rue Champollion, Mazarira, Alexandrie
Present address : 201 Metcalfe, #1001, Montreal, Que., H3Z 2H7, Canada
Date : June 22, 2003
email address :
Comments :
Last address in Egypt : SIDI GABER, ALEXANDRIA
Present address : 242 E 50th STREET NYC
Date : 6-19 2003
email address : BAROUCH29@MSN.COM
Name : Liliane Cohen Brown
Last address in Egypt : Immeuble Immobilia - Cairo
Present address : Bethesda, Maryland, USA
Date : 06/19/2003
email address :
Comments :

Name : Elyane Balassiano
Last address in Egypt : Rue Naus Bey
Present address : Nice - France
Date : 15 Juin 2003
email address :
Comments : Née au Caire en 1932, fréquenté le Lycée Français du Caire, serais ravie davoir des nouvelles de camarades et damis. Nostalgie d'Egypte!
Name : Marlyse Mosséri Saporta
Last address in Egypt : Ave. Khedive Ismail, Caire
Present address : Milan, Italie
Date : 15 june 2003
email address :
Comments : je suis née au Caire en 1932 et jai fait mes études au Lycée Français du Caire. Je serai ravie de recevoir des nouvelles de mes anciennes camarades de classe.
Name : Lisa (Allegra) Cohen
Last address in Egypt : Ataba el Khadra, Cairo
Present address : Tamarac, Fl
Date : 5/03
email address :
Comments : Born 1942, left for Israel 1949. My family: Jaques Cohen (champion box 1930-40s); Victor Cohen (photographer); Heffez Clement (buttons); Rico, Ralph Riquett; Hadad Zaki. Robert Mattatia. Appreciate any info.
Name : Mamduh Shawqi
Last address in Egypt : Higaz Sq., Heliopolis
Present address : Higaz Sq., Heliopolis
Date : June 3, 2003
email address :
Comments : Your site is AMAZING! Im an Egyptian Muslim but I was always interested in the Egyptian Jewish Community.
Name: Helen (Nessim) Kariv
Last address in Egypt: unknown
Present address: Rimonim #30, Mizrach Binyamin
Date: June 03, 2003
email address:
Comments: My father was Dr. Raymond Nessim. We lived in Port Credit, Ontario Canada ere he practised and was also the first Jewish coroner of Mississauga County. His father was Joseph Nessim, one of several brothers who came from Iraq to Cairo.
Name: Neil
Last address in Egypt:
Present address: California
Date: 05/28/2003
email address:
Comments: I really enjoy your website; I enjoy the way you broadcast information that can sometimes be hard to attain. Do not be dicouraged by intolerance. Keep up the good work!
Name: Ilan Cohen
Last address in Egypt: 14 Aboul-Mawahib, Agouza, Cairo
Present address: Schepenstraat 122a, Rotterdam, Holland
Date: may 23, 2003
email address:
Comments: I lived in Cairo as a student for half a year in 1996, in both Zamalek and Agouza. Although I am not of Egyptian but of Moroccan descent, Cairo, for all its faded beauty, has taken a permanent place in my heart as one of the prettiest, liveliest and culturaal cities.
Name: Albert Hefetz
Last address in Egypt: 33 Rue Ibrahim Heliopolis
Present address Ramat-Hasharon Hacalanit 7
Date: 21/05/03
email address:
Comments: Tres interessant.
Name: Paula
Last address in Egypt: none
Present address: Chile
Date: 19/05/03
email address:
Comments: Hello Im interested in knowing more about Leyla Mourad, she is my dads aunt...and I dont know much abouut her thanks!
Name: Moguid Max Arafa
Last address in Egypt Bulkely , Alexandria
Present address: Buckinghamshire , UK
Date: May 2003
email address:
Comments: Reading the pages is so interesting , there is so much history in what is beign said,I guess that is Egypt for you. I was at Victoria College left 67. Since then travelled around the world and lived in 4 countries, finsihed schooling at a boarding school.
Name: Saïd MASSOUD
Last address in Egypt 1 A Cheriffein St - Cairo
Present address: Orléans - France
Date: 17 mai 2003
email address:
Comments: Je serai très heureux de retrouver mon ami denfance SOLLY COHEN qui habitait rue abd el Khalek Sarwat au Caire au dessus de la station SHELL.
Name: Maurice Skinazi
Last address in Egypt Sakakini/Daher-Cairo
Present address: Chicago, USA
Date: 10 May 2003
email address:
Comments: I attended College de la Salle - Daher, from 1955 to 1968. Mes anciens amis peuvent mecrire a mon addresse;
Name: lolita cohen
Last address in Egypt: 5, Manshiet el Mahrani, Bab el Louk, Cairo
Present address: prefer not to give
Date: May 11, 2003
email address:
Comments: I left Egypt in 1956, more exactly we were thrown out of Egypt, and we hoped that my father would be in the same boat as us (Me, mother and a young sister). My father and 31 one other jewish men were emprisonned after the Egyptian lost the war in Israel.
Name: Robert Boss
Last address in Egypt: rue Talaat Harb, Le Caire
Present address: 2nd strada torre 1 segrate (milan) Italie
Date: 09/052003
email address:
Comments: au Lycee Francais du Caire de 42 à 55.Recherche anciens amis perdus.
Name: Micheline Baruchel Bousso
Last address in Egypt: 100,Fuad Street, Cairo
Present address:Rua Sergipe, 238/32, 01243-000 São Paulo, Brazil
Date: 05/05/2003
email address:
Comments: I enjoy reading your Letters; I found a lot of names of people I knew in Cairo.
Name: Raphael Seidman/Ginette Goldemberg
Last address in Egypt: Cairo / Alexandria
Present address: 1/20 Balfour Road Rose Bay NSW 2029 Australia
Date: 5/5/03
email address:
Comments: Am looking for details about my family Seidman, Goldemberg and particlarly burials at Bassatine My grandfather Samuel Coldemberg, greatgrandparents Emmanuel and Emma Goliger and Jeannette Glasner are all burried there. Please can you help?
Name: Helen Souvleris
Last address in Egypt: 28 Kinisset el Morcoseya, Cairo
Present address: 44 Fox Run Way, Arnold MD USA
Date: 5-1-03
email address:
Comments: I attended St Annes in Cairo from 1936-1939, then to Greek School from 1940-1944 then to Immaculate Conception in Saptieh, Cairo. I would like to hear from classmates wanting to remember the beautiful times. I last worked at Lloyds Ins in Cairo.
Name: Gamila
Last address in Egypt: 11 midan tallat harb
Present address: 2077 NE 1st Street Deerfield Beach Fla
Date: Aprl 24th, 2003
email address:
Comments: I want to thank the people that were dedicated enough to take the time and write about one of our most beloved women of the Egyptian History, Laila Mourad. She also happened to be my Aunt and I will be coming out with a book about her life in the early spring of 2004.
Name: Jacques Assour
Last address in Egypt: Alexandria
Present address: New York, USA
Date: April 22, 2003
Comments: Just found out about your site. Left Alexandria in 1950 to France and then Israel. I miss my time in Egypt. We hope you are safe!
Name: Rudy WAISS
Last address in Egypt:3, rue Hussein Pasha El Meimar/Antikhana/Cairo
Present address: 24, rue de Bercy / 75012 Paris / FRANCE
Date: 21 April 2003
email address:
Comments: Born in Khartoum / Sudan but permanently lived in Cairo till October 1965 - studied at the American University in Cairo. My grand father Arthur Waïss Bey was the Director of the Credit Foncier Egyptien till 1911 - my uncle René Waïss also worked there.
Name: Ahmed Helmi
Last address in Egypt: Heliopolis
Present address: Chicago, U.S
Date: 04-12-03
email address:
Comments: Dear JCC, I had the pleasure to visit this website and enjoy a lost heritage in the Egyptian community. I was born in 1978, therefore i never knew much about the Jewish community in Egypt apart from the stories of my parents and grandparents.
Name: Claude Habert
Last address in Egypt: Alexandria
Present address: Toronto Canada
Date: Aprfil 8th 2003
email address:
Comments: Born in 1938, attended St Andrews School, then Alexandria University in Engineering. Member of Smouha and CICA clubs. Would love to hear from anyone who knew me.
Name: Mona and Sam Kaplan
Last address in Egypt: visited Cairo january 1979
Present address: 4149 Osler St. Vancouver, Canada V6H 2X2
Date: April 6/03
email address:
Comments: We are writing a book and need to know if Dr. Guido Risso-Levy is still living or when he died. IIn 1979 he was the last Jewish doctor living in Cairo.
Name: Albert Bivas
Last address in Egypt: Rue Ahmed Hishmat, Zamalek
Present address: Palo Alto, California
Date: June 4, 2003
email address:
Comments: WELCOMING CONTACT FROM ANY OF MY NUMEROUS UNFORGETTABLE PALS AND FRIENDS. DO KEEP WELL. Left Egypt 1956, Father Léon, Mother Henriette née Bassan, sisters Vicky, Danièle, Betty, Michèle. Lycée Francais du Caire. Merci.
Name : Joseph Farhi
Last address in Egypt : rue Khalig el Masri #666, Ghamrah, Cairo
Present address : box 89-7705, Panama 9, Republica de Panama
Date : March 23, 2003
email address :
Comments : am interested in reconnecting with the jewish community of egypt as down here we are only 10 people. Thank you for the opportunity. Would like to know more about the organization. Would like to contact Loulou de Picciotto and Nino Orebi both from Victoria College Alexandria and Cairo, Egypt.
Name : Victor Pardo
Last address in Egypt : Alexandria
Present address : Israel
Date : March 23, 2003
email address :
Comments : I left Egypt in 1949. All those of my generation (born 1923) who still remember me from Lycee Francais dAlexandrie, club nautique Francais, maccabi etc. Ill be pleased to contact and talk about these old and beautiful days.
Name : Ettel
Last address in Egypt : Alexandria
Present address : Australia
Date : 21/3/2003
email address :
Comments : Very good site enjoing it very much . Keep up the good work
Name : Bribri Becker
Last address in Egypt : rue Gezireh, Zamalek
Present address : viadonmizoni13/pietrasanta (lu) Ialy
Date : 20 03 2003
email address :
Comments : vecus au caire jusquen 1965. Lived until 1965 in Egypt.
Name: Gonzalez Salvador
Last address in Egypt: Maamal Al Sukkar - Garden City
Present address: Geneva - Switzerland
Date: 12 March, 2003
email address:
Comments: Congratulations: It is good to see that this Maadi Temple (Meyr Biton) lives again. Keep it up and lets have some more news. It is a pity that no more articles are included as it was a real recreation to read about the community's history. I hope that more articles will be issued soon. Thank you
Name: Ricardo Meyr
Last address in Egypt:
Present address:
Date: 03/10/2003
email address:
Comments: I dont speaking english. I’m brasilian (Brazil). Estou pesquisando origens. Thanks !!!
Name: Michele Benzakein
Last address in Egypt: Alexandria
Present address: marlboro, ma
Date: march 10,2003
email address:
Comments: my father and grandfather were from alexandria. My grandfather was a jewish defence attorney there and Cairo. My dad and grandfather are deceased, but i would love to speak to other family members or friends. Thank you.
Name: Edward Lerner
Last address in Egypt: Shepheards Hotel
Present address: Cape Cod, USA
Date: March 8, 2003
email address:
Comments: beautiful job on ben ezra
Name: Jean Jacques TELIO
Last address in Egypt: Rue Aziz el Osman A Zamalek
Present address: Boca Raton, Floride
Date: 4 mars 2003
email address:
Comments: Aimerai entrer en contacte avec des Juifs dEgypte vivant a Paris, car serai en visite du 13 mars au 3 quitte en des freres Bab el louk
Name: JJAlgranati
Last address in Egypt: Alexandria
Present address: 21 Vista Dr. Nanuets,NY
Date: 2/18/2003
email address:
Comments: My maiden name is Douenias. My husband, Mair (he is gone now), and I left Egypt in Sept.1958.
Name: Mizrahi Pierra
Last address in Egypt: Rue Mariette Pacha
Present address: 92 Neuilly France
Date: Feb 2003
email address:
Comments: Very interesting site!
Name: Aimee Kligman
Last address in Egypt: Bulkeley, Alexandria
Present address: San Francisco, CA
Date: 2/10/2003
email address:
Comments: I was born in Alexandria and left in 1962 with my parents and sister. Famille Dassa. Anyone with any information regarding my parents, Joseph Moshe Dassa and Victoria Nahmias, please write to me at above address, Both were deceased in New York before I could...
Name: Kheir M
Last address in Egypt: Maamal el Soukar - Garden City - Cairo
Present address: Geneva, Switzerland
Date: 5 February 2003
email address:
Comments: It is a pity that no other articles are added. I have had great pleasure to read over and over. Perhaps other articles could be added this year? Thank you. It keeps hope up for those who left Egypt. There is a real nostalgy of a style of life. Thank you.
Name: Fathy Abdel Sattar
Last address in Egypt: Sirs El Lyan- Menoufiah
Present address: 10, rue Racine. 1202 Genève. Suisse
Date: 05.02.2003
email address:
Comments: Hello, Im surprised to see no news on your website, are you all ok?
Name: Shula Klinger
Last address in Egypt: n/a
Present address: Vancouver, Canada
Date: 28 Jan 2003
email address:
Comments: What a wonderful site! Ive learned so much this evening... If anyone remembers the Klinger family from Cairo (and later Alexandria) in the 1930s-40s, Id love to hear from you - my fathers family: Bernard and Regina / Simon, Norman, Edward, Betti, David, B
Last address in Egypt: 8 WILLCOCKS ST ZAMALEK
Date: 27/01/2003
email address: HAMDYHXHA@XTRA.CO.NZ
Comments: I left Egypt in Dec 1964.Would be very interested in hearing from old friends from the Gezira club.
Name: Maurice Alfille
Last address in Egypt: 174 El Tahrir
Present address: 818 Ingleside Evanston, Il,60201 Usa
Date: jANUARY 19 2003
email address: MALFILL1@AOL.COM
Name: Aly Mortada
Last address in Egypt: Heliopolis
Present address: Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Date: January 2003
email address:
Comments: Great site!. It was very moving to see this significant effort from a small community. I hope that one day all Egyptians whether jews, christians or muslims will again live in peace and harmony as they did for hundreds of years.
Name: Simonne Hazak
Last address in Egypt: Pension Elite Cairo (1946)
Present address:
Date: 13 JAN 2003
email address: Comments:
Name: Michel A. Mamlouk
Last address in Egypt: Khalil Pasha Khayat Moustpha Pasha alexandria
Present address: Palm Beach Gardens Florida USA
Date: January 12 2003
email address:
Comments: Loved to read most e mails, found some familiar names. I was a student at Lycee Francais Alex and Victoria College Alexandria


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